Board of Directors Meeting Minutes of October 25, 2016

A quorum was declared and the meeting was called to order at 2:00 p.m.

Present:  Lee Davies
Ellen Domke
Lynda Gifford
Carol Kantor
Marilyn Kosiorek
Noreen Maloney
Roger McQuain
Tom Shannon
Jerry Stevens
Absent:    Dave Hourigan
                Laurie Huebner
                Paul Plaza
                Chris Trottier
                Richard Wimmer

Also in attendance was Rozier Sharp, Ron Bowersock, Evelyn Prusak, Jane Sharp and Donna Maiorino.

A motion to approve the Minutes of the Board of Directors meeting held on October 4, 2016 was made by Ellen Domke, seconded by Tom Shannon and carried unanimously.

As of September 30 2016 there is $3,500 in the Regionʼs Account and $292,759.99 in the Endowment Fund for a total of $296,259.99. 


HCCF Website - Rozier Sharp & Ron Bowersock
A few changes were made as the result of Board Members' feedback.  Those present were given another brief overview of what the Public views vs. Board Members.  Ron Bowersock suggested taking down the "old website" on Friday, October 28, 2016 and having the "new website" go live shortly thereafter.  Ron and Rozier will grant the appropriate access to current Board Members.

A motion to accept the new HCCF Website was made by Noreen Maloney, seconded by Tom Shannon and carried unanimously,


Membership - (Carol Kantor) - Currently have 233 Active Members; membership was 212 in October, 2015; increase of 21 members.  There are currently 62 Inactive Members; 54 at the beginning of 2016; increase of 8.  Currently have 52 Moved/Deceased members; increase of 7 from the beginning of 2016.  Thirteen (13) New Members in 2016.  Renewal rate of 88%.  Dara Thompson (Information Center) has agreed to include HCCF information in all new resident packages.

Nominations - Ellen Domke - The following members have agreed to fill the vacancies created by four members leaving at the end of 2016:  Ronald Cibolski, Edward Luchi, Kevin Smith and Judy Wing.

Harvest Festival - (Roger McQuain for Laurie Huebner) - As of Tuesday, October 25th, there were 60 registrations.  In 2015, attendance was 120 and in 2014, attendance was 145.  Poster will be displayed on an easel in the Clubhouse.  Email blast to all residents will be sent by the Club on Wednesday, October 26th.

Wine, beer and cognac selections are complete.  Order form is complete and in production. Logistics and timing of deliveries are complete.

Silent Auction Items - Mystic, CT home for one week (Dsupin); Stained Glass Giraffe (Bowersock); Hosted Dinners (Holden & Huebner); Vera Bradley Items (Hourigan, Kosoriek & Luchi); $100 Pet Setting (Domke); Four 30 minute golf lessons (Bart, Kyle, Justin & Zak).

Raffle Items - Golf Bag/Hat, Golf Balls, Wine Basket (Stevens); Olive Oil Basket (Kirkland); Masage Gift Certificate (Hourigan); 2 Pedicures (Kirkland); Complimentary Breakfast Buffet, Complimentary Italian Pasta Bar,  2 Paintings (Berger).

There are close to 40 volunteers to cover tasting tables,  check-in/check-out, silent auction table, raffle table and distribution on November 4th.

All Board Members were encouraged to register and encourage family, friends and neighbors to attend.

Community Services (Marilyn Kosiorek)Food Drive will be held from November 7th thru November 13th.  Neighborhood Chairs received an email today to send out to their respective areas.  An email blast to HCCF members will go out on November 2nd.  The Giving Tree will be displayed starting the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

Golf (Jerry Stevens)Two meetings have been held to date.  Email blast will go out to after the Harvest Festival. Sponsor contact is slow--need more solicitation.  Have not heard back from Seymour Buick.  

Kevin Smith is working on a tri-fold brochure.  Announcement will be included in the November Newsletter.

Grants - (Rozier Sharp) - Committee will meet on November 16th to rank Grant requests; final decisions will be made at the November 18th HCCF meeting.  Majority of site visits have been completed.  Rozier will contact Bob Smith for his assistance in preparing the Grant Presentation Checks.  

There being no further business, a motion was made by Tom Shannon; seconded by Carol Kantor and unanimously agreed to adjourn the meeting at 3:30 p.m.

The next regular Board Meeting is scheduled for November 29, 2016 at 2:00 p.m.

Submitted by:

Noreen Maloney, HCCF Secretary