Board of Directors Meeting Minutes of November 29, 2016

A quorum was declared and the meeting was called to order at 1:45 p.m.

Present:  Lee Davies
              Ellen Domke
              Lynda Gifford
              Laurie Huebner
              Carol Kantor             
              Noreen Maloney
              Roger McQuain
              Paul Plaza
             Tom Shannon
             Jerry Stevens

Absent:    Dave Hourigan
               Marilyn Kosiorek
               Chris Trottier
               Richard Wimmer

A motion to approve the Minutes of the Board of Directors meeting held on October 25, 2016 was made by Tom Shannon, seconded by Lynda Gifford and carried unanimously.

As of October 31, 2016 there is $4,950 in the Regionʼs Account and $292,944.12 in the Endowment Fund for a total of $297,894.12.  To date, we are $1,700 over 2015's Wine Tasting; final count is not yet available.  Laurie  Huebner indicated that the sale of the Duspin's home fell through; Turnbull's bid is back on the table.


Community Services (Roger McQuain for Marilyn Kosiorek) - Food Drive was a huge success.  The Giving Tree is up and decorated with name tags.  Marilyn Kosiorek and Kathy Boccagna will collect the gifts from under the tree.  

Membership (Carol Kantor) - As of November 29, 2016, there are 236 Active Members; increase of 24 since October, 2015.  There are 60 Inactive Members; increase of 6 since January, 2016.  Fifty-three (53) have either moved or are deceased; increase of 8 since January, 2016.  Currently, there are 15 new members for 2016.  Renewal rate is currently at 88%.

Golf (Jerry Stevens) - Enrollment has picked up.  Currently, there is $9,250 in pledges.  Still need silent acution and raffel items. Laurie Huebner indicated that there are 13 bottles of wine left over from the Harvest Festival which can be used. Kevin Smith is currently working with Blue T Consignments (BTC) for silent acution items. These items will be displayed in the Board Room. An email blast will go out to all Heron Creek residents notifying them that they are eligible to bid on these items.

Publicity (Roger McQuain) - Still need a Chairperson


Website - Jerry Stevens indicated he is not receiving the Minutes or Agenda.  Also, he could not print the Golf Application.  These items will be looked into.


Important Upcoming Dates

December 13 - Regular HCCF Board Meeting
December 14 - Nominees to fill Board vacancies will be on the website; petitions must be received by December                  

January 7 - Golf Tournament
January 19 - Annual Meeting (10:00 a.m.) - election of new Board Members
January 24 - New Board meets to select Officers (President, Vice President & Secretary); also Chairperson for the 
                    Sports Day/Walk-A-Thon


Lauie Huebner distributed a Media Statement  addressing the Grant Awards for 2016.

Ellen Domke, on behalf of Rozier & Jane Sharp, requested identification tags be made available for those on the Gants Committee as they make their site visits.  In lieu of names, tag would read GRANTS COMMITTEE. A motion was made by Ellen Domke, seconded by Noreen Maloney and carried unanimously to provide these tags.

Marilyn Kosiorek (Community Services) will be in charge of the Dog/Cat Calendar and will start in the Spring.  Target sale date is November, 2017.

A Chairman for the Sports Day/Walk-A-Thon is still needed.

There being no further business, a motion was made by Tom Shannon, seconded by Noreen Maloney and unanimously agreed to adjourn the meeting at 2:05 p.m..

The next regular Board Meeting is scheduled for December 13, 2016 at 2:00 p.m.

Submitted by:

Noreen Maloney; HCCF Secretary