Heron Creek Community Foundation
Board Minutes
February 28, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 2:05 P.M. by president Laurie Huebner and a quorum declared.

Present were:  Jerry Stevens, Lee Davies, Judy Wing, Ellen Domke, Kevin Smith, Laurie Huebner, Paul Plaza, Lynda Gifford, Carol Kantor, Dave Hourigan, Ron Cibolski and Ed Luchi.

Absent were:  Tom Shannon and Chris Trottier.

Ellen Domke moved to accept the minutes from January, seconded by Carol Kantor .  Unanimous.

Laurie reported the treasurer's report for Tom Shannon.  The numbers were not in for January.  Tom will send the report out separately.  The 2017 proposed budget was reviewed and approved by a majority vote.

Membership Committee:

 Carol Kantor reported that as of 2/28/17 we have 236 active members, 62 inactive members.  55 members have moved or are deceased.  There were 2 new members in 2017.   We have a 76% renewal rate.
December renewals:  5 have not renewed, 2 are moving.
January renewals:    6 have not renewed
February renewals:  4 have not renewed
Carol requested that the Ad-hoc membership committee be reactivated.  All agreed.
The committee will be made up of Carol Kantor, Ron Cibolski, Jerry Stevens, Kevin Smith and Paul Plaza.

Service Committee:
Judy Wing reported that the Food Drive will be held from 11/6/17 to 11/12/17.
Christmas Giving tree will be up on Nov. 26, 2017.
The service committee will be helping with North Port Easter Egg Hunt.
Volunteers are needed for Food Bank initiative from 10-12.  Call Marilyn Kosiorek for more information.

Old Business:
The proposed calendar for 2017 was approved.  Moved by Paul Plaza, seconded by Ellen Domke.

It was decided by the board to cancel sports day for 2017 for lack of a chair.

The Benefactors' Program is being discontinued.

Chairs were named for the following committees:
Publicity - Ed Luchi
Wine Tasting - Ron Cibolski and Lee Davies
Golf Tournament - Kevin Smith and Paul Plaza
Service Committee - Judy Wing will be board coordinator with the Service Committee.
There will be chairs for each event while Judy will be the conduit to the board.  We agreed to buy them a new Christmas Tree this year.

An Ad-hoc committee was formed for the exploration of becoming a 501 (c) 3.  Members are Jerry Stevens. Laurie Huebner, Lynda Gifford and Tom Shannon.

We are moving forward with the Pet Calendar with a team approach.  We expect the largest part of the revenue will be received in time for this year's grant cycle.

 2017 Goals  approved by the Board.
1. Grow Membership.  - the ad-hoc committee was formed to generate ideas for growing membership.  They will come back to the board with proposals including a measurement, ideas, communication plans, etc.

2. Meet or exceed 2016 grant levels.

3. Explore pros and cons of a 501(c)3 structure through the ad hoc committee.

4. Strengthen communication and story telling.

New Business approved by the Board:

Explore the feasibility of adding credit and debit cards to payment methods.


Carol let us know that the Heron Creek social committe is planning a fashion show and wanted to a run a 50/50 cash raffle and donate it to us.  We agreed we would accept a cash donation but did not want to be engaged in a raffle that would use our name to procure items.

Jerry raised a future idea of combining the golf tournament and sports day to be a weekend event in April...kind of an olypmics.  Also adding a casino night or formal dance to the wine tasting and then just holding these two major fund raising events a year.  We agreed 2018 would be unlikely and would continue with our current calendar and plans, but  this will be something to be discussed this year.

Kevin Smith moved to adjourn at 3:55 P.M.  Everyone seconded.

Our next meeting will be on March 28, 2017 at 2:00 P.M. in the private dining room.

Respectfullly submitted,
Lynda Gifford