Heron Creek Community Foundation
Board of Directors Minutes
March 28, 2017

Present:  Laurie Huebner, Kevin Smith, Ed Luchi, Judy Wing, Tom Shannon, Jerry Stevens, Lynda Gifford, Lee Davies, David Hourigan, Ellen Domke, Ron Cibolski, Carol Kantor.

 Absent:  Chris Trottier, Paul Plaza.

Guest: Brian Suardini

The meeting was called to order at 2:00PM by President Laurie Huebner and a quorum declared.

Committee Reports

By-laws - Jerry Stevens : No report

Membership -  Carol Kantor: We have 231 active members and 64 inactive members. There have been 55 YTD renewals due, and 43 renewals received. That gives us a 78% renewal rate. Letters were sent to eight new residents.

Nominations - Ellen Domkes:   No report

Publicity- Ed Luchi: Ed handed out business cards to board members. He will contact ABC7 for coverage of our grants event. He is looking into a Facebook page. Seeking a photographer to cover events.

Service - Judy Wing: No report

Ad-Hoc Committee Reports

Reviewing our Structure:  Laurie Huebner, Lynda Gifford, Tom Shannon & Jerry Stevens
The Committee has met, organized tasks; identified other resources; and, made plans to meet with Plantation GCC Foundation and the Venice Yacht Club to gather facts and discuss their pros/cons of being a 501c3 organization. 

Growing Membership:  Kevin Smith, Carol Kantor, Ellen Domke, Jerry Stevens, Donna Maorino
Kevin made a presentation on an "Entertainment Discount Card" as an incentive for new and renewing members. The card does not have an upfront cost, but would cost $10 when the member activated it. More discussion on this proposal at the next board meeting. Also discussed were levels of membership and a legacy program.  Donna Maorino will visit Neuro Challenge and write an article for a communication to membership. We also need someone to write about why we build the endowment fund.

Secretary's Report:  Lynda Gifford - Minutes from February 28 were reviewed and accepted.                                

Treasurer's Report:  Tom Shannon -  The February report is on our website, Our receipts in Feb were $31,078.21. The endowment fund stands at $308,645.32. Tom handed out proposals from Square and Paypal regarding the use of credit/debit cards for our fundraising events. Discussion led to security and who would be accountable for operating and maintaining the devices. Tom will find out how other like organizations handle credit/debit cards.

President's Report:   Laurie Huebner
Name badges were handed out to new members.
The wine tasting will be held on 11/1/2017.
The Pet Calendar is underway and the committee is selling spaces for photos. As of 3/28, the cover and 9 out of 12 months have been sold. Funds raised by selling spaces will be included in our 2017 grant awards budget. The production of the calendar will occur over the summer, and the calendar will be ready for sales starting October 1. The proceeds of the sales net expenses will be included in the 2018 grant awards budget. Profits are estimated at $3200 after expenses, assuming the calendar is sold for $20.   

New Business:  No new business.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:50 PM

Our next Board meeting will be on April 25, 2017 at 2:00 PM in the Board Room.

 Respectfully Submitted,

Lynda Gifford, Secretary