MAY 23, 2017

Present:  Laurie Huebner, Ed Luchi, Tom Shannon, Jerry Stevens, Carol Kantor, Lynda Gifford (by phone) Lee Davies, David Hourigan, Ellen Domke, Ron Cibolski

Absent:  Paul Plaza, Kevin Smith, Chris Trottier, Judy Wing

Also Present:  Rozier Sharp

The meeting was called to order by president Laurie Huebner at 2:00 and a quorum declared.

Secretary’s Report:

A motion to approve the minutes of the April 25, 2017 Board of Directors meeting was made by Ron Cibolski, seconded by Lee Davies and unanimously accepted.

Treasurer’s Report:

Tom Shannon reported that we have $3,350.42 in the cash account and $317,684.44 in the endowment account as of March 31, 2017.

President’s Report:

-          Pet Calendar Update - We need to sell 4 more spaces in order to raise $2100.  Estimated date for finalizing the calendar is end of June/beginning of July.

-          An article about Neuro Challenge is to appear in the Club’s June newsletter.  It will also be on our website.  A blast e-mail will be sent if it does not appear in the Club’s newsletter.

-          Information from Melanie Curtis of Take Stock in Children about the scholarship funding process was shared with the Board.

-          Rozier Sharp spoke about the upcoming grant cycle.  After some discussion, the Board approved the following change be made to the Use of Grant Proceeds paragraph:  Change “such as food, clothing, shelter or health care” to “such as, but not limited to, food, clothing, shelter, health care and education"

-          Rozier also told the Board about a state sponsored Habitat for Humanity program that he is looking into.

Committee Reports:

By-Laws:  No report per Jerry Stevens


Carol Kantor reported that as of May 22, 2017 we had 227 active members, 70 inactive members and 59 moved/deceased former members.  This is a reduction of 9 active members since December 31, 2016 and an increase of 10 inactive members.  To date we have 4 new members.  Letters and follow up e-mails were sent to 8 new residents with no response.  Carol asked the Board for their help in contacting the 10 members that have not renewed.


Ellen Domke asked the Board to start thinking about recommendations for next year’s Board.  She will send a letter to all members asking if they are interested or know of someone who would be interested in serving on the Board.


Ed Luchi advised the Board that he will be gone most of the summer but available via e-mail and phone.

Service:  No report due to Judy Wing’s absence

Golf Tournament:  No report due to Paul Plaza and Kevin Smith’s absences

Wine Tasting:

Ron Cibolski and Lee Davies will have updates at next month’s meeting.

Ad-Hoc Committee Reports:

Reviewing Our Structure:

After Laurie Huebner, Jerry Stevens, Tom Shannon and Lynda Gifford met with Venice Yacht Club Foundation and Plantation Community Foundation, they did a cost analysis of the pros and cons of becoming a 501 (c)(3) and recommended that we not pursue this at this time. 

Growing Membership:

The Ad-hoc committee of Carol Kantor, Jerry Stevens, Paul Plaza, Donna Maiorino, Kevin Smith and Ron Cibolski met again on May 2, 2017 to re-visit ways to increase membership.  The following suggestions were presented to the Board:

-          We’re Making a Difference Campaign – articles featuring one of our grant recipients will be written by Donna Maiorino.   They will be featured on our website and a blast e-mail sent to all Heron Creek residents.

-          We would like to have a page in the HCG&CC monthly newsletter dedicated to HCCF.  Informative articles about our grant recipients and information and pictures of our members doing volunteer work would be featured.

-          Great emphasis will be placed on new residents.  All new residents will receive a packet of information in the mail with a follow up call by a Board member.

-          All active members and new residents in the past 12 months would be invited to a party/reception in January. 

-          All active members would receive a 10% discount for all HCCF fundraisers.

A report illustrating the percentage of HCCF members by neighborhoods was created by Kevin Smith and distributed to the Board.

The Board requested that the ad-hoc committee report the cost of the reception/party and discounts at the next Board meeting.  

New Business:  None

Ellen Domke informed the Board of the next Homeless to Home Luncheon on June 20 and suggested we attend.  It’s being held at Jacaranda West from 11:30 -1:30.  Since most of our grant recipients attend, it would be a good way for us to get to know them.

A motion to adjourn was made by Tom Shannon and seconded by Ed Luchi.