Present:  Laurie Huebner, Carol Kantor, Lynda Gifford (by phone), Lee Davies, Ellen Domke, Ron Cibolski, Kevin Smith, Paul Plaza

Absent:  Chris Trottier, Judy Wing, David Hourigan, Tom Shannon, Jerry Stevens, Ed Luchi

The meeting was called to order by President Laurie Huebner at 2:00 and a quorum declared.

Secretary’s Report

A motion to approve the minutes was made by Kevin Smith, seconded by Ellen Domke and unanimously approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Laurie Huebner reported that as of May 31 our balance in the Regions account is $3724.54 which reflect a $530 payment for our Directors & Officers insurance.  Our Gulf Coast Community Foundation fund is $318,504.44, CORRECTION this balance is PRIOR to any month end adjustments in May. (data was sent before Treasurer left in early June on vacation). 

President’s Report

Pet Calendar Update:  We have raised $2100 to date.  Laurie shared the final copy of the calendar with the Board.   The final order will be placed in September.  The Board unanimously agreed to purchase 150 calendars at a cost of $8.96 each.  We will sell the calendars for $20.  A suggestion was made by Ellen Domke that we sell calendars at Club functions.  The Board will discuss this further at a future Board meeting.

Grant Cycle Article

Rozier Sharp wrote an article about the up-coming grant cycle which appeared in the Heron Creek G&CC July newsletter.  Carol Kantor suggested that all articles should include information on how to become a member of the Foundation.

Articles for August & September Newsletters

Donna Maiorino is working on an article about the Early Childhood Center but it won’t be done in time for the August newsletter.  Carol Kantor suggested an article be written about a grant recipient that included one of our members.  An example would be Literacy Volunteers and one of the HCCF members that volunteers for this program.  Due to the July 15 deadline, the Board decided to feature the pet calendar and include pictures of the HCCF pets.

Committee Reports

By-Laws – No report

Membership – Carol Kantor reported that the numbers had not changed since the last meeting.  Fifteen welcome letters were sent on June 16 to new residents.  All 59 new residents since January 2016 have received welcome letters, with 10 becoming members of HCCF.

Nominations – Ellen Domke reported that she had 3 strong candidates for new Board members and would like one more.  The Board agreed that it would not be necessary to send out a blast e-mail to the membership as we have done in the past.

Publicity – No report

Service – No Report

Golf Tournament – Kevin Smith reported that the golf tournament committee consisted of Paul Plaza, Jerry Stevens, Bart Cook and himself.  He would recruit additional members later in the year.  Kevin distributed the brochure he had created and asked the Board for their feedback.  He hopes to start distributing these brochures in July.

Wine Tasting – No report

Ad-Hoc Committee Reports

Growing Membership – The committee submitted the following proposal to the Board:

-         Continuation of monthly articles highlighting HCCF in the Club newsletters

-         All members will receive a 10% discount on all HCCF-sponsored events

-         All new members will receive a HCCF pet calendar.

-         All voting Board members will become Ambassadors and have responsibility for contacting residents in their assigned neighborhoods.

-         A concerted membership drive from July 1 – October 31 during which time all non-member residents will be contacted as appropriate.

A motion to approve the proposal was made by Carol Kantor, seconded by Ron Cibolski and unanimously approved.

New Business- None

A motion to adjourn was made by Ron Cibolski, seconded by Paul Plaza and unanimously approved. 

Next board meeting will be Tuesday, September 26, 2017 in the Board Room.