Heron Creek Community Foundation
2017-9/26 minutes

Present: Ellen Domke, Tom Shannon, Carol Kantor, Lee Davies, Paul Plaza, Jerry Stevens, Ron Cibolski, Ed Luchi, Kevin Smith, Judy Wing, Rozier Sharp

Absent: Laurie Huebner, Lynda Gifford, Dave Hourigan, Chris Trottier

The meeting was called to order at 2:00 PM by Vice President Jerry Stevens and a quorum declared.

Kevin Smith moved and Carol Kantor seconded to accept the 6-27-2017 minutes. Motion passed.

Treasurer Report: Total assets as of 8/31/17 are $341,537.29 ($4,606.08 Admin and Holding Acct, $336,931.21 Endowment-Gulf Coast.)

President report: none

VicePresident report: none

  Pet Calendar update: 160 calendars ordered, 57 sold so far. Calendars available from Ellen Domke. They will be sold at the Wine Tasting and Birthday Bash. Sales to be handled by Laurie Huebner. Check website for sales info.

Committee Reports

  By-laws: no report

  Membership: Carol reported we currently have 230 members (70 inactive) with a net gain of 3 so far. The membership drive will continue.

  Nominations: no report

  Publicly: no report

  Community Services: Food drive will take place Nov.6-12.

  Golf Tournament: full report next meeting

  Wine Tasting: all in order. Information published in last 2 Newsletters. 24 wines. Cognac, and bourbon to be sampled.

  Grants Committee: A list of timelines was distributed by Rozier along with a list of requesting organizations so far. A discussion followed about total give away $ which includes "unrealized" funds. A decision of amount to be given will be reached at the next Board meeting. Board members should think about 1) giving all the money available (by formula), or 2) holding some money back to increase our base, or add to 2018 Grants.

  AdHoc Committee: Carol reported 8 Board members have contacted their neighborhoods. All need to be contacted by the next Board meeting.

New Business: none

CONFIDENTIALITY:  Rozier reminded the Board of keeping the information discussed confidential until the Board has made its determination, to avoid rumors of false information.

Adjournment: Kevin Smith moved to adjourn the meeting with Paul seconding. The motion passed.

Next Board Meeting: 2:00PM, October 24, 2017