Heron Creek Community Foundation
Minutes 10/24/2017

Present:  Laurie Huebner, Carol Kantor, Ron Ciboleski, Tom Shannon, Ed Luchi, Ellen Domke, Judy Wing, Lee Davies, Lynda Gifford

Absent:  Jerry Stevens, Kevin Smith, Paul Plaza, Dave Hourigan, Chris Trottier

Guests:  Rozier Sharpe 

The meeting was called to order at 2:00 P.M. and a quorum declared.

Minutes of 9/26/2017 were approved.

Treasurer's Report :  Tom Shannon reported that there was $346,816 in the GCCF fund, $3787.89 in the Administrative account for a total of $350,603.89 in assets as of 10/24.

President's Report:  Laurie Huebner  - grant budget to be determined after the grants committee makes their recommendations on Nov.10.

Pet Calendar:  Sold around 80 Calendars.

Membership:  Carol Kantor  reported that we currently have 236 active memberships,
70 or 71  Inactive memberships.   Our YTD renewals received is 143  for a 90% renewal rate.
We have 12 new members since the ambassador program .

Service:  Judy Wing reported that the Food Drive will be held Nov. 6 - 13.  Gift ree will be up and decorated on Nov. 27 and that the deadline for gifts is Dec. 10, to be delivered on Dec. 15.
Decorating at Quality Health Care will be done on Nov. 28.  All the above will be in Nov. newsletter.

Nominations:  Ellen Domke presented the biographies of 5 prospective Board Members to be voted on at the Annual meeting.

Publicity:  Ed Luchi is preparing publicity for the the grant award ceremony on Nov. 28.

Wine Tasting:  Ron Cibleski and Lee Davies recruted volunteers for the Wine Tasting on Nov. 3.

Grants:  Rozier Sharpe presented this year's grant applications and answered Board questions about the applications.  Final determination will be on Nov. 10.

A motion was made to allocate up to $62,000 for 2017 grants.  The vote was 8-1 in favor. Lee Davies voted against the motion.

A motion was made by Judy Wing to not print a news letter this year as we are getting news out in the HCGC newsletter on a monthly basis.  Passed.

Motion to adjourn at 4:25 P. M.   

Special Board Meeting on Nov. 10 at 2:00 P. M. for grant allocations.
Awards Ceremony at 1:00 PM on Nov.28 in board room.
Next regular Board Meeting at 2:00 PM on Nov. 28 in Board Room