Heron Creek Community Foundation

The meeting was called to order at 1:30 P.M. and a quorum declared by Vice President Jerry Stevens.

Present:  Tom Shannon , Lee Davies, Ron Cibolski, Judy Wing, Ed Luchi, Kevin Smith, Ellen Domke, Carol Kantor, Jerry Stevens, Lynda Gifford

Guests:  Chris Shultz and Jeff Tamas  from Modern Woodmen Fraternal Financial.

Absent:  Laurie Huebner,  Dave Hourigan, Paul Plaza, Chris Trottier

 Chris Shultz and Jeff Tamas from Modern Woodmen spoke with us about partnering with HCCF as sponsors/donors to HCCF.  There would be no restrictions on funds except they may not be used for occupancy costs.   The national organization allows local chapters of 50 members or more to donate to local charities.  They are interested in HCCF because of the vetting that we do with our 501 c 3 organizations.  It is a means for them to conduit money to the commuity through one source without the work involved in vetting the organizations.

Secretary's Report: Lynda Gifford:  Minutes of 10/24 were accepted.
Minutes from the Special Allocations meeting of 11/10 were unable to be 
published, but will be ready for next meeting.

Treasurer's Report Tom Shannon:   Endowment Fund Balance  or $354,120 Total Funds $ 358, 447    
Wine Tasting Summary:  Net Income $5054.80
Pet Calendar to date:   $2902.50

Treasurer' s Report passed.

Ellen Domke moved and Carol Kantor seconded to accept 2018 budget.  Motion passed.

Discussion on 10% discount for members at fundraiser , The HCCGC does not have a method of refunding the 10% of each member who charged their wine tasting fee to their club account other than writing individual checks for $3.50 to each member.  Too cumbersome.
A motion made by Ed Luchi and seconded by Lee Davies to drop the 10% discount for members at events.  Motion passed.

Vice President Report:  Jerry Stevens reported on officer opportunities for 2018.   Carol Kantor, who is leaving the Board, has agreed to serve as Membership Chair for 2018.
The vacancies on the board are :  President, Vice President, Treasurer and Publicity.

Ed Luchi has volunteered to be the new Treasurer.
Jerry Stevens has agreed to being our new Board President
Lynda Gifford will continue on as Secretary.

Membership Committee Report: Carol Kantor reported that we have a total of 241 active members and 70 inactive members.  There were 22 new members this year, 18  of which came in under the ambassador program.  Our current renewal rate is 94%.

Service Committee  : Judy Wing reported that the giving tree is up and ready and decorating at Quality Health Care will be done on 12/4.

Publicity Report:  Ed Luchi reported that the North Port Sun ran an article about HCCF.

Golf Committee, Kevin Smith:  The committee held it's first meeting  and set up sub-committees.  Kevin will head up Sponsorships and Tee Gifts, Paul Plaza will chair Catering.  Signage will be the domain of Jerry Stevens.  Judy Smith will handle registration.  Tom Ferris will be in charge of On Course Games and Jack Steinkirchner will be in charge of Tournament Day Fund Raising. Their next meeting will be on 12/20 .  The brochure is ready to be finalized .

Wine Tasting, Ron Cibolski:  Reported that there are 16 bottles left that he is storing.  May be used at golf tournement.

New Business:  Ellen Domke suggested that we look into by-law change re:
HOA representative be a non-voting member.  No action taken.

Jerry will call Modern Woodmen to proceed to next step in the "partnership".

Ed Luchi  made a motion to adjourn and seconded by Tom Shannon.
Meeting adjourned at 2:55 P.M.

Next Board meeting on December 12, 2017 in Board Room.