GrantsAwared All

No. Date Awarded Organization Amount Grant Purpose
12020Meals on Wheels - North Port$13000For some 2600 meals for North Port citizens who cannot pay or make their meals
22020Salvation Army - North Port$10000Purchase a freezer and food for the North Port food pantry
32020Family Promise of S. Sar. Cnty$15000$4,000 for its Open Doors Emergency Shelter project and $11,000 for its Rent Assistance program
42020Take Stock in Children$ 4000For HCCF's 7th high-school mentoring and full 4-year college scholarship
52020Child Protection Center, Inc.$ 5000Therapy sessions for North Port children who have experienced sexual and/or physical abuse
62020Safe Place & Rape Crisis Center, Inc.$ 5000Rent for North Port facility and funds to address domestic-violence related work associated with the Covid pandemic
72020Good Samaritan Pharmacy & Healthcare Services$ 5000medicine and medical services for those North Port residents who have lost or do not have insurance or are under-insured
82019Child Protection Center, Inc.$ 2000to provide therapy for North Port children in its Sexual Abuse Treatment Program
92019Mental Health Community Centers - North Port$ 2000to fund recovery-focused services at the North Port Anchor House
102019Safe Place & Rape Crisis Center, Inc.$ 2100to pay rent and expenses to retain the SPARCC office in North Port
112019Habitat for Humanity South Sarasota County$ 2000to help fund the building of 7 homes in North Port
122019Backpack Angels$ 2000to purchase hygiene products for distribution to North Port homeless students
132019Meals on Wheels - North Port$ 2500to fund the purchase of food and pay expenses for the delivery of meals to North Port citizens that cannot otherwise prepare their own meals
142019The TWIG Store$ 2000to purchase shoes for distribution to foster children in North Port
152019CHAPS - Charlotte HIV-AIDS People Support$ 2000to purchase and distribute fresh fruit and vegetables to North Port HIV/AIDS patients for healthy and nutritious meals
162019Big Brother - Big Sisters$ 2000to pay for their Gateway to Graduation program for North Port students
172019Florida Center for Early Childhood$ 2000to train 7 teachers in the PECS system so non-verbal children can begin to communicate
182019Children First, Inc.$ 1000to help fund the Families First Institute to train parents to provide safe and nutritious lives for their children
192019Childrens Guardian Fund$ 1500to fund guardians ad litem so they may provide special gifts to children so they may experience more normal lives
202019Family Promise of S. Sar. Cnty$ 2000to provide emergency housing for North Port homeless families and manage them toward permanent housing
212019Forty Carrots Family Center$ 2000to train pregnant and parenting teens in North Port to provide their children with safe and prosperous lives
222019Literacy Volunteers in North Port$ 2000to purchase learning and study materials for North Port residents who have little or no English literacy
232019Education Foundation of S. Sar. Cnty$ 2000for the continuation of the North Port High school Success Center guiding students to higher education or work opportunities
242019Teen Court$ 2000for 550 drug tests of North Port students who signed up and pledged to remain drug free throughout their years of education
252019Coastal Behavior Healthcare, Inc.$ 1500to refurbish the children's waiting room for North Port children with mental illnes or addiction disorders
262019Salvation Army - North Port$ 2116to purchase food and stock their warehouse for distribution to needy North Port citizens
272019Good Samaritan Pharmacy & Healthcare Services$ 2000for expenses allowing volunteer physicians to provide the needy with medical care and medicine
282019Manasota SOLVE$ 2000to purchase software and tech equipment and provide management services to homeless and pregnant females
292019Neuro Challenge Foundation$ 1500to help fund its Care Partner Connection, Power Hour and Wellness Club programs
302019YMCA$ 2000to fund its School House Link Program and other services for homeless North Port students
312019Boys & Girls Club North Port$ 5000includes a $2,500 matching gift from Modern Woodmen of America to benefit the Club's SMART MOVES program in North Port
322019Take Stock in Children$ 4400to fund HCCF's sixth mentoring program and full four-year scholarship for a deserving North Port High School student
332019Hope for North Port$ 2500to fund a monthly Health and Wellness Fair for needy North Port citizens, including grooming and free medical and dental care
342019Loveland Center$ 2000to help purchase a mobile Sensory-Safe Zone so those North Port children can participate in normal public events and festivals
352018The TWIG Store$ 2000Purchase shoes and clothing for foster children in the TWIG store and foster community meeting place
362018Child Protection Center, Inc.$ 3750Therapy sessions for North Port children who suffer as a result of sexual or physical abuse
372018Meals on Wheels - North Port$ 3000Fund expansion of services and meals to those who cannot pay for or prepare their own
382018Habitat for Humanity South Sarasota County$ 3000Funding to assist in the building of six North Port homes in 2019
392018Forty Carrots Family Center$ 2000Funding the pregnant and parenting teens classes at North Port High School
402018Mental Health Community Centers - North Port$ 3000Funding for the North Port Drop-in Center for clients with severe mental illness
412018Family Promise of S. Sar. Cnty$ 2000Funding for the "Open Door" program providing emergency short-term housing for homeless North Port families with children
422018Teen Court$ 3000Funding of its D-FY (Drug Free Youth) program at all North Port Middle and High Schools
432018Education Foundation of S. Sar. Cnty$ 2500Assist in establishing the CLR (college, career and life-readiness) program and new Career Center at North Port High School
442018Coastal Behavior Healthcare, Inc.$ 3000Fund one-on-one therapy and case management for North Port adults & children with mental health and substance abuse disorders
452018YMCA$ 2500Fund the "Schoolhouse Link" program for broad assistance to homeless North Port students
462018Childrens Guardian Fund$ 1500Financial assistance to Guardians ad litem assigned to NP children (relegated to foster care due to chaotic and/or abusive home situations) to provide normalcy in their lives
472018Literacy Volunteers in North Port$ 1000Purchase high-speed printer and toner for workbooks and educational materials
482018Manasota SOLVE$ 2500Partial funding for a van for transportation of North Port residents for medical and educational appointments
492018Big Brother - Big Sisters$ 3000Funding the "Gateway to Graduation" program for North Port youth
502018Neuro Challenge Foundation$ 1000Fund individualized care for North Port residents with Parkinson's and their families through group sessions, education and referrals
512018Safe Place & Rape Crisis Center, Inc.$ 2748Pay for rent, phone and internet to keep its facility in North Port
522018Boys & Girls Club North Port$ 3000Fund "SMART Moves" (Skills Mastery & Resistance Training) program in the North Port facility
532018Good Samaritan Pharmacy & Healthcare Services$ 2150Provide medications and healthcare to North Port residents who are uninsured or under-insured
542018Pregnancy Solutions$ 2000Purchase diapers and wipes for the pregnant mother's boutique in its North Port facility
552018Take Stock in Children$ 4400HCCF's fifth full four-year college scholarship for a North Port disadvantaged student
562018CHAPS - Charlotte HIV-AIDS People Support$ 2880Provide fresh fruit, vegetables and hygiene products for North Port HIV/AIDS patients
572018Salvation Army - North Port$ 2608Purchase food to stock its North Port food pantry
582018Hope for North Port$ 2500Fund the food and rent for its quarterly Health and Wellness Fair for North Port residents in need
592017Child Protection Center, Inc.$ 3540Therapy for North Port children in Sexual Abuse Treatment Program
602017Habitat for Humanity South Sarasota County$ 3000Update computer equipment and entire agency network
612017Neuro Challenge Foundation$ 2750Fund direct services like care advising, education programs and support groups
622017CHAPS - Charlotte HIV-AIDS People Support$ 2700Purchase and distribute specialty foods and hygiene products to HIV/Aids clients
632017Forty Carrots Family Center$ 3000Classes for pregnant and parenting students in high school
642017Big Brother - Big Sisters$ 3000Support Gateway to Graduation Program
652017Meals on Wheels - North Port$ 3000Help make and serve meals to those who cannot do so on their own
662017Backpack Angels$ 3000Purchase and distribute hygiene products for homeless North Port students and families
672017Literacy Volunteers in North Port$ 2000New computer station and instructional materials and promotional materials to recruit volunteers
682017Pregnancy Solutions$ 2000Purchase diapers for boutique for distribution to clients at no charge
692017Mental Health Community Centers - North Port$ 5000Operating costs for its North Port Drop-in Center
702017Safe Place & Rape Crisis Center, Inc.$ 2676Rent, phone and internet for North Port office
712017Face of Hope Foundation, Inc.$ 2000Fund temporary housing for homeless in North Port
722017Florida Center for Early Childhood$ 3000Purchase classroom supplies and furniture for special needs children up to age 5
732017Boys & Girls Club North Port$ 4000Support SMART Moves Program in North Port
742017Coastal Behavior Healthcare, Inc.$ 4000Fund incidental and temporary expenses like transportation, medications and childcare
752017Manasota SOLVE$ 2800Fund case management services for North Port clients
762017Take Stock in Children$ 4400One 4-year mentoring program and post-secondary scholarship to make a difference in families
772017Second Chance Recovery$ 480012 months of short-term assistance while finding permanent housing
782017Childrens Guardian Fund$ 1500Financially assist victims through the Guardian ad Litem Program
792016Child Protection Center, Inc.$ 3540Fund emergency and long-term treatment and therapy for North Port children who are victims of physical and/or sexual assault or abuse.
802016Meals on Wheels - North Port$ 2340Fund 625 daily nutritious meals for seniors who cannot pay or prepare meals
812016Literacy Volunteers in North Port$ 3000Provides one-on-one tutoring services for North Port residents to learn and sharpen their language skills and help them obtain jobs and be productive.
822016Forty Carrots Family Center$ 2500To conduct classes for North Port students who are pregnant or parenting, and their spouses, to assist them with establishing a safe and healthful environment for their children.
832016Big Brother - Big Sisters$ 2000For the recruitment, screening and training of matchup adults to help at-risk youth learn important life and education skills.
842016Take Stock in Children$ 4250Fund a third HCCF mentoring and full post-secondary education scholarship for an at-risk and low income North Port student.
852016Boys & Girls Club North Port$ 3000Fund many North Port needy youth in the SMART Moves promoting abstinence from substance abuse and adolescent sexual involvement through the practice of responsible behavior.
862016Neuro Challenge Foundation$ 2500Fund seven support groups with Parkinson's disease which meet on at least a monthly basis
872016Safe Place & Rape Crisis Center, Inc.$ 2600Fund rental expenses for an expansion of services at its North Port location, required by the increasing caseload in North Port.
882016Backpack Angels$ 3000To provide the purchase of hygiene products for the homeless and needy North Port students.
892016Second Chance Recovery$ 3000To fund a halfway house for North Port residents who are suffering but in recovery for alcohol and substance abuse.
902016Mental Health Community Centers - North Port$ 4000To fund the North Port Anchor House drop-in center for North Port residents suffering from serious mental health issues.
912016Florida Center for Early Childhood$ 2000Bring a new service to North Port, by funding an Infant Room at the organization’s North Port facility, for early treatment of very young children who are in dire need of therapy due to a number of issues.
922016Manasota SOLVE$ 1640To pay for the transportation of clients to physician appointments in this home for homeless pregnant and young unwed mothers.
932015Safe Place & Rape Crisis Center, Inc.$ 2988For expansion of it's North Port location (previously established by HCCF)
942015Take Stock in Children$ 4250Full college scholarship for one at-risk, low-income North Port student (Matched twice)
952015Forty Carrots Family Center$ 2500For classes on parenting for parenting and/or pregnant students in North Port high schools
962015Big Brother - Big Sisters$ 2000For recruitment, screening and training; client outreach, program operations and support services in North Port (Matched)
972015Boys & Girls Club North Port$ 2000SMART MOVES Program in North Port for students who cannot pay
982015Epilepsy Foundation of SW FL$ 1000Case management services for North Port patients and families who cannot pay
992015Backpack Angels$ 2000For distribution of hygiene products to North Port students who cannot pay
1002015Senior Friendship Center of North Port$ 1000Support for home-delivered and congregate meals for North Port seniors who are in need
1012015Second Chance Recovery$ 1000Halfway house support for North Port residents
1022015Safe Haven - CCDOV$ 3500To purchase furnishings and household items for transitional housing located in North Port
1032015Habitat for Humanity South Sarasota County$ 2500Help build several North Port homes
1042015CHAPS - Charlotte HIV-AIDS People Support$ 2500To aid North Port residents who cannot pay, with HIV/AIDS hygiene products
1052014Habitat for Humanity South Sarasota County$ 2500For the construction of interior walls at the Rockman Street site in North Port
1062014Take Stock in Children$ 4250To sponsor a scholarship of one incoming TSIC scholar from North Port
1072014Meals on Wheels - North Port$ 2000To make and deliver meals to North Port clients who cannot pay
1082014CHAPS - Charlotte HIV-AIDS People Support$ 2000Distribution of food and hygiene products to clients who cannot pay
1092014Literacy Volunteers in North Port$ 1200For textbooks for tutors serving North Port residents
1102014Manasota SOLVE$ 2000Fund housing and counseling for pregnant North Port residents with no home or ability to pay
1112014Backpack Angels$ 3750For personal hygiene products for distribution to North Port homeless and USDA eligible students
1122014North Port Area Art Guild, Inc.$ 2000Scholarships to Art Camp for children who cannot pay
1132014Children First, Inc.$ 1000For quality childcare and early childhood education for North Port children who cannot pay
1142014Epilepsy Foundation of SW FL$ 1000Fund outreach and medical services for North Port residents who are uninsured and cannot otherwise pay
1152014Neuro Challenge Foundation$ 2000Pay for expenses at its North Port location
1162014Safe Haven - CCDOV$ 2800Buy furniture and household goods for family homeless portal in North Port
1172014Big Brother - Big Sisters$ 2000Scholarships to "Gateway to Graduation" mentoring program
1182014Boys & Girls Club North Port$ 2500Fund scholarships bin summer program for North Port children who cannot pay
1192014Forty Carrots Family Center$ 2000For community outreach and parenting classes for pregnant and/or parenting North Port students
1202014Family Network on Disabilities$ 2000For in-home respite services for North Port families with disabilities who cannot pay
1212013Neuro Challenge Foundation$ 2500For equipment to establish a facility in North Port
1222013Forty Carrots Family Center$ 2000Fund classes at North Port High for pregnant and parental students
1232013CHAPS - Charlotte HIV-AIDS People Support$ 2000Food & hygiene products for North Port HIV-AIDS patients who can't pay
1242013Literacy Volunteers in North Port$ 1200Textbooks at the North Port library
1252013All Faiths Food Bank$ 2000Fund Cooking Matters classes at North Port High
1262013Big Brother - Big Sisters$ 2000Fund 30 match-ups in North Port
1272013Mental Health Community Centers - North Port$ 2000Purchase furniture and computer to establish a facility in North Port
1282013Safe Place & Rape Crisis Center, Inc.$ 2016To expand the North Port facility due to number of clients
1292013Child Protection Center, Inc.$ 2300Fund training for all North Port students
1302013Family Network on Disabilities$ 2000Pay for respite care for North Port families who cannot afford it otherwise
1312013Children First, Inc.$ 2000Pay for classes for North Port students and pre-school students
1322013Backpack Angels$ 4000To fund items for distribution (400 bags per month)
1332013Boys & Girls Club North Port$ 2500Install donated windows in the club facility
1342013Meals on Wheels - North Port$ 2000Purchase plastic containers for served meals
1352013Habitat for Humanity South Sarasota County$ 2500Install interior wall and flooring in North Port home
1362012Safe Place & Rape Crisis Center, Inc.$ 5000Establish a facility in North Port
1372012CHAPS - Charlotte HIV-AIDS People Support$ 3000General support of programs
1382012Meals on Wheels - North Port$ 2340Support meals and other programs
1392012Forty Carrots Family Center$ 3000Help fund programs
1402012Habitat for Humanity South Sarasota County$ 2500Help build homes in North Port
1412012Catholic Charities$ 2000Fund "Emergency Rent Loan Program" to keep people in their homes during financial crisis
1422012All Faiths Food Bank$ 2500Financial support for their food programs
1432012Manasota SOLVE$ 1000Help finance temporary housing for young pregnant and homeless clients
1442012Boys & Girls Club North Port$ 3660Support programs in North Port
1452011Meals on Wheels - North Port$ 1755Provide meals to clients who could not afford the normal fee
1462011Friends of Library - North Port$ 1900Bilingual Early Literacy Computer and software
1472011Habitat for Humanity South Sarasota County$ 2000Help build a North Port house undergoing rehabilitation
1482011All Faiths Food Bank$ 2000Fund "North Port Bowls of Hope" fundraIser
1492011CHAPS - Charlotte HIV-AIDS People Support$ 2000Provide food, hygiene and cleaning products for North Port clients
1502011Literacy Volunteers in North Port$ 1950Purchase textbooks for the adult literacy program
1512011Boys & Girls Club North Port$ 2500Two sets of bleachers
1522011Catholic Charities$ 830Five new wireless computer outlets in Charity offices
1532011Big Brother - Big Sisters$ 1750New computer system
1542011People for Trees, Inc.$ 1650New watering equipment for beautification purposes
1552011North Port Area Art Guild, Inc.$ 2500New signage at the offices
  Total Grants Awarded = $418777 as of September 28, 2021
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