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Our 2020 golf tournament was extremely successful, thanks to the participants, sponsors, chairs, and volunteers. The weather was perfect as we welcomed 120 players to our event. Due to the virus, we made a number of changes to our format, but everything turned out well.

There are still some expenses to be received, but we generated over $30,000, after expenses, from the tournament to fund future grants. Given the challenges everyone has faced this year we are extremely pleased with that result. It is a testament to the generosity of our community that we have reached that amount.

One major category of sponsors are our neighborhoods within Heron Creek. We had 12 neighborhoods participate in this campaign and the total amount donated was $5,682! Everyone’s donations were meaningful and we appreciate your contributions. This was outstanding.

Once again, Scrub Jay Glen led the way with their donations which totaled $1,665. Their contributions were a testimonial to Jeff Moredock, who recently passed away. In past years, Jeff would “gently” urge his neighbors to contribute and he was always successful in generating a large number of donations. This year, their neighborhood chair, Mary Jo LoBrutto, mentioned Jeff’s previous efforts to raise funds and included a poem Jeff had written and sent to his neighbors to solicit funds for the tournament. I felt everyone would enjoy reading this and stop for a moment to think of Jeff.

Scrub Jay Glen pull out your pen

Because it's that time of year again

Let the ink flow and the money as well

For this request is not a hard sell

In the past we've been the top neighborhood

Raised the most money to do the most good

Then you can say with a voice of elation

I love to support the HCC foundation

Thanks, again, for your support. Without the contributions from our residents, we could not attain our foundations vision.

“Working together to improve the quality of life for our North Port neighbors in need.”