Take Stock in Children  TSIC has been the recipient of Heron Creek Community Foundation (HCCF) grants the past five years and now again in 2019.  Through their unique Public/Private Partnership, our grant dollars are double matched dollar to dollar by Florida Prepaid Foundation Scholarship program.  This program provides an incentive to students who improve grades and invest the time needed to be fully prepared for college. For more and Grant Follow up reports see below.

A 2016 HCCF grant to the Florida Center for Early Childhood was designed to assist the organization have an Infant Room where infants can be helped with various physical and cognitive developmental issues.  There is no other organization in southwest Florida to help with these issues.

Habitat for Humanity   

  HCCF is very proud of supporting Habitat for Humanity with grant awards 8

 times since 2010.  Habitat Performs wonderful work helping deserving families work toward home ownership and resultant improvements to their lives.  In 2019 we funded assistance to build 7 homes in North Port next year.




  Through the generosity of its members, volunteers and great support from local businesses and attendees at fund raising activities, HCCF was able to contact SPARCC and award a grant to fund a new location in the heart of North Port.   As a result, hundreds of survivors of domestic violence and sexual assualt have been afforded a safe place and counseling.  

neuro chall logo
Families who experience a diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease are often left feeling hopeless.  Neuro Challenge Foundation for Parkinson’s is a nonprofit organization dedicated to help all people affected by Parkinson’s Disease live a life of wellness.  Incorporated in Sarasota in 2008, Neuro Challenge offers free desperately needed support, community resource referrals, and education and wellness programs for patients and their caregivers.

   Your support has helped deliver many hearty meals on a regular basis to North Port seniors who could not otherwise prepare or afford them and helped Meals on Wheels expand its facility and double its capacity and serve twice as many clients. (see pics below)  In particular, in 2020, due to the increase of business, we awarded $13,000.  We are proud to have continued to support this organization every year they ask.