Habitat for Humanity   

  HCCF is very proud of supporting Habitat for Humanity with grant awards 8

 times since 2010.  Habitat Performs wonderful work helping deserving families work toward home ownership and resultant improvements to their lives.  In 2019 we funded assistance to build 7 homes in North Port next year.
Here is the home and presentation of keys to a wonderful family in 2013, made possible by your donations and support at Fund-
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raising events, as well as hours of hard work by HCCF's many volunteers.  Every member of this family put in hours of physical work toward their collective dream of owning their own home.  Habitat not only requires many hours of work but also requires a steady job (even at lower income levels) and contractual promise that if they do not keep up their monthly payments they forfeit the home back to Habitat.

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Here is the presentation of keys to a single mom in 2012.  A local church also presented her with a prayer shawl, a standard for each dedication.

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These are the dedicated volunteers that do much of the construction to assist these families start a new life enjoying home ownership.  They assist the new families in meeting their requirement to perform hands-on work in building/renovating the home before moving in and finalizing their arrangement with Habitat.