Your support has helped deliver many hearty meals on a regular basis to North Port seniors who could not otherwise prepare or afford them and helped Meals on Wheels expand its facility and double its capacity and serve twice as many clients. (see pics below)  HCCF has given continued support through grant awards to the North Port Meals on Wheels organization.  We are proud to have continued to support this organization every year they ask.

As a totally volunteer organization with over 100 volunteers as cooks, cooks helpers, full-time and part-time drivers and Board of Directors, NPMOW delivers over 20,000 meals per year to those in need at a cost of only $3.75 per meal.  
Its mission is to home-deliver one nutritional meal per day to seniors and other residents of North Port.  They want to help people in North Port who are frail, disabled or otherwise impaired to remain independent and in their own homes; and assist their families or other care givers in support of their roles through their meal preparation.
Clients are referred to NPMOW by hospitals, social workers, families and word of mouth.  There is no criteria other than that a person cannot prepare a nutritious meal for themselves.
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optimized meals on wheels opening 2019





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