A 2016 HCCF grant to the Florida Center for Early Childhood was designed to assist the organization have an Infant Room where infants can be helped with various physical and cognitive developmental issues.  There is no other organization in southwest Florida to help with these issues.
Unfortunately, too many children are brought into this world burdened with various issues like fetal drug or alcohol syndrome.  Other children have issues on the autism spectrum and have been unable to stay in the traditional education system.   Still others, sometimes due to environmental experiences, do not develop the appropriate physical or cognitive skills, etc. Matters become worse for the families of these children if they also have siblings to care for and both parents work or attend school.

HCCF has had the opportunity to help address these issues  The 2016 grant furnished a new Infant Room so that infants can be served and/or healthier siblings can be left so that the parents can continue their schooling or hold jobs.  The 2019 grant allows 7 teachers to be trained in the highly successful Picture Exchange Communication System allowing some children to be able to communicate foor the first time.  FL Center also works with the entire family to help all involved understand and cope with the situation, develop healthier habits and cease harmful aspects in the home in the future.  For a recent article on this organization and leads to how you can help if you are so moved, see below.  Or click HERE to go tho their web site for more information.

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