HCCF Fall 2012 Fall Food Drive

HCCF: You are making a profound difference

Dear Board of Directors of the Heron Creek Community Foundation,
On behalf of North Port High School, I would like to express my warmest thanks to all of you for making a significant positive impact on our student population!
On Friday, October 12, 2012, I was pleasantly surprised to see numerous JROTC students and Construction Technology students running back and forth to and from our parking lot. Each leg of each trip back into our building surprised me more and more. You see, each time the students entered the building, they were loaded with heavy carts filled to the brim with food for our pantry. They kept going and going until they delivered well over 3000 pounds of nutritious food all intended for North Port High School students who happen to be in need. What a magnificent blessing!  Please know that you are making a profound difference for many, many students.  
With the economic downturn, over 60% of our families in North Port are in need. For our students whose families are especially struggling, you have blessed them beyond measure!  I am well aware of the countless hundreds of hours and the immeasurable good will that went into collecting, organizing, and delivering such a cornucopia of sustenance. Please know how deeply we appreciate your labor of love and concern. You are truly making a difference, and I, along with those who will benefit from our freshly stocked pantry, are most grateful!
Sincerely,David Jones
Principal, North Port High School

Board of Directors Signin