To:     HCCF Members                  
From: Dale Kirkland, President
Sub:   2015 Grant Awards
 We are pleased to announce the HCCF grants for 2015.  Thank you so much for your support.   Your concerted efforts have made a significant positive difference in the lives of many North Port residents. 
Three highlights this year are:
  --  A second full college scholarship for one North Port student whose family has few or no college graduates and cannot afford higher education.  This is a mentoring and scholarship program in partnership with Take Stock in Children and is double matched to provide full scholarship. This scholarship will be announced as the "Heron Creek Community Foundation Scholarship" and be presented at North Port High School graduation.
  --  We are again partnering with other organizations to play a big part in addressing the homelessness of families in North Port.   Our grant to Catholic Charities, which operates the portal and case management of families, will assist in providing furniture and household goods at the transitional housing units in North Port as Case Managers assist the families to stabilize with permanent housing.
  --  HCCF brought the Safe Place and Rape Crisis Center to North Port in 2012.  The clientele has grown so much that our 2015 grant award allows SPARCC to expand their facility to assist new clients.
                        Full List of 2015 Grants 
Organization Purpose 2015 GRANTS MADE
Habitat for Humanity South Sarasota help build 6 NP homes  $          2,500
CHAPS- Charlotte County HIV/AIDS provide non-perishable food, frozen meat and hygiene products  $          2,500
SPARCC Expand NP offices to serve increasing clientele  $          2,988
Take Stock in Children mentoring and college education for at-risk students to break cycle of poverty in their family  $          4,250
Catholic Charities - FAMILY HAVEN Homeless Shelter furnish transitional housing units used after emergency housing  $          3,500
Forty Carrots classes for parenting and pregnant high school students  $           2,500
Big Bros & Big Sis recruitment, screening and training of matchup adults for at-risk youth  $           2,000
Boys & Girls Club SMART Program for three age levels   $           2,000
Epilepsy Services of SW FL Build capacity to serve UNINSURED adult patients; outreach and medical services such as EEG, MRI  $           1,000
Back Pack Angels give out personal hygiene items to homeless students in need   $           2,000
Senior Friendship Center Sarasota Support Home-Delivered  and Congregate Meal Programs  $           1,000
Second Chance Recovery Halfway House funding for addicted homeless  $           1,000
  TOTAL 2015 GRANTS  $          27,238
  TOTAL GRANTS MADE  $  141,089