Report to Members on Recent Activities of HCCF – Winter 2015
2015 Golf Tournament Fund Raiser:  We had a very successful golf tournament fund raiser held at the club on 10 January 2015.  The net income from this was about $23, 515.36, the highest ever. We had 148 golfers participate.  An additional 28 persons did not golf but had dinner with the golfers that evening.
We extend our appreciation to a number of volunteers who performed admirably in putting the tournament together.  The overall coordinator of the tournament was Jerry Stevens.    The arrangement for the food was done through Joe Strosnik.  He worked with catering manager Sarah Hartlein, food and beverage director Gus Arredondo, and chef Butch Thigpen.  We had many comments on how good the food was at this event.  Running the event day activities were Vicki Preissler and her husband Lloyd.  Vicki had to accomplish some of the work from a wheel chair and handled duties admirably.  Bob Smith chaired the golf sponsorship committee.  This committee carved up the geographical area to contact businesses and organizations for donations.  Workers on that committee included: Carol KantorTom FerrisLucinda FerrisBob IrbyRoger McQuainLinda Denny, and Richard Wimmer.  We had a total of 112 sponsors from businesses, organizations, and persons.
The neighborhoods responded well in raising funds for HCCF.  Bob Irby coordinated that effort.  It brought in $3,860.  Eagle Pointe had 100% household participation and Heron’s Reserve led in the amount of money raised.
We had 22 organizations, neighborhoods, or individuals support the golf tournament with monetary contributions for five consecutive years.  They were recognized at the annual meeting, the golf tournament dinner, and at a ceremony held at the club on 28 Jan 2015.  We sent an email to the members with a newspaper clipping and some logos.
We thank all the employees of the Heron Creek pro shop for the help they provided in running this tournament.  They performed many tasks that made all the golfing efforts go smoothly.  In particular we extend our thanks to Bart CookBobby Hummel, and Tom Rainey.  And, we thank Christopher Trottier for the support he has provided to HCCF.  And we thank all those who signed up to play in the annual golf tournament.
Donation of Painting from Dr. Eleanor Lewis:  On 13 January 2015 Dr. Eleanor Lewis donated one of her paintings to HCCF so that proceeds could be obtained through a raffle or an auction.  The painting is of a flowering clerodendrum at the Marie Selby Gardens.  At present the Board plans to either auction or raffle this painting at the annual Wine Tasting Gala held on 4 November 2015.  If you have seen her work you know that her paintings are of excellent quality.  We plan to have the painting displayed so that members can view it for some weeks prior to the raffle or auction.
Committee Chairs:  Those persons who served in 2014 and into 2015 include: (1) Jennifer Dirrigl for the Community Services Committee; (2) Bob Finitzer for the Membership Committee; (3) Rozier Sharp for the Financial Committee; (4) Judy Plecas for the Nominations Committee; (5) Lynda Gifford for the Grants Committee; (6) Bob Smith for the Publicity and Benefactor Committees; (7)Marilyn Kosiorek for the Calendar Adhoc Committee; (8) Roger McQuain for the By Laws Committee; (9) Chip Smith & Jack Kosiorek for the 2014 Golf Committee and Jerry Stevens for the 2015 Golf Committee; (10) Chip & Barb Smith for the Sports Day / Walk-A-Thon Committee; and (11) Chip and Barb Smith for the Wine Tasting Gala Committee.  To each we extend our thanks for the efforts and commitment.
There are some changes in committee chairs for 2015.  Marilyn Kosiorek will take over the Community Services Committee; Laurie Huebner, the Wine Tasting Gala; Ellen Domke, Nominations; and,Carol Kantor, Publicity.  We have not named committee chairs to replace Bob Smith for Benefactors (although we have somebody who I’m told will do this on a temporary basis) and Chip & Barb Smith for the Sports Day / Walk-A-Thon.  Those continuing in their position as a chair are Rozier SharpRoger McQuain, and Lynda Gifford.
2015 Annual Meeting:  The Annual Meeting of HCCF was held on Friday, 16 January 2015.  At this meeting we elected four new Directors of HCCF.  They were Ellen DomkeBill HamannLaurie Huebner, and Carol Kantor.  Those leaving the Board were Chip SmithRick Jimenez, and Sandy Finitzer.  We thank those three for the excellent work they performed for HCCF in various roles over the past three years.  We presented the Board-approved annual budget for 2015 at the meeting.
Attendees at the annual meeting were able to see a slide presentation covering a number of programs that HCCF accomplished in 2014.  Rozier Sharp put that presentation together and we thank him.
The new Board elected officers on 20 January 2015 at a special meeting.  The officers for 2015 are: (1) Noreen Maloney, Secretary; (2) Rich Gaudett, Treasurer; (3) Roger McQuain, Vice President; and (4) Dale Kirkland, President.
Status of Benefactor Program:  In 2014 Bob Smith and Richard Wimmer worked to obtain local business and professional persons to become benefactors to HCCF.  Bob Smith chaired the Benefactor Program Committee.  Much of their work was through meetings of the North Port Area Chamber of Commerce.
The benefactors are: (1) Olmstead & Wilson Attorneys at Law in Port Charlotte; (2) Wells Fargo Financial Network Advisors of Port Charlotte; and (3) Bob & Carolyn Smith.
End of Year 2014 Financial Status:  On 31 December 2014 the financial status of HCCF showed that the endowed fund with the Gulf Coast Community Foundation was at $207,314.30. And the amount in our checking account at Regions Bank was $19,619.18.  Normally we keep about $3,500 in the Regions checking account to cover administrative expenses.  But at the end of the year we had deposited funds coming in for the annual golf tournament held on 10 Jan 15 and that is reflected in this temporarily large amount at Regions Bank. 
Orientation of New Directors:  On 10 February 2015 we will conduct an orientation program for the four new directors.  Eventually these new directors will assume roles as officers of HCCF.  We need to ensure that they are acquainted with what has been done in the past, what organizational structures are in place, what relationships exist, and what programs have been conducted.
Community Services Committee:  We appreciate the hard work and skill of Jennifer Dirrigl and the members of the Committee Services Committee (CSC) for the numerous programs they covered in 2014.  The annual food drive is going to be each October instead of each February.  That was done for several reasons: (1) the schools need food early in the school year for those families who need help; (2) and, conducting a food drive in between the golf tournament in January and the Sports Day / Walk-A-Thon in March pushed too many requests too close together for HCCF members.  In 2014 we had a food drive in February and another in October.  In February 2014 residents of Heron Creek donated ten truckloads of food that was given to North Port High School and the Imagine School.  The CSC conducted a 2014 Holiday Angel Tree drive.  Using gifts or money from our residents CSC was able to provide gifts to needy families in December.  These were distributed through the North Port Social Services to an estimated 200 children.  CSC went to the North Port's Quality Health Care Center in early December to put up Christmas trees and other decorations throughout the facility. 
Grants for 2014: The HCCF grants committee was chaired by Lynda Gifford and she will continue to chair this committee in 2015.  The grant cycle began with our website being opened in early August for applications from experienced (no newbies) 501c3 public charities.  Twenty three such charities made application.  After reviewing those applications and conducting interviews where needed, the grants committee recommended sixteen grants of various amounts to the Board in November.  The Board had set a total limit of $35K for all 2014 grants in August.  The Board made some minor changes, but agreed substantially with the recommendations of the grants committee. 
On 21 November 2014 we had an awards ceremony in the Courtside Café and presented large symbolic checks to representatives of sixteen public charities.  The actual checks were mailed to the public charities from Gulf Coast Community Foundation that day.  Photos were taken and some were published in the North Port Sun newspaper.  The sixteen public charities were listed in our newsletter sent to members during the early part of December.
Wine Tasting Gala in 2014:  The Wine Tasting Gala was held on 5 November 2014 in the main dining room of the club.  It was chaired by Chip and Barb Smith.  The net income was $5,578.96. Dave Thomann provided a doll house that was auctioned to benefit HCCF.  The proceeds for that auctioned item came to $1,160.  In 2015 Laurie Huebner will chair this event.
Recognition of HCCF by the Association of Fund Raising Professionals:  In the Fall of 2014 HCCF was nominated by the Safe Place and Rape Crisis Center (SPARCC) for an award presented through the Association of Fund Raising Professionals in Sarasota County.  The award was for outstanding foundation or civic organization partner.  Those nominated were: (1) The Siemer Family Foundation; (2) Heron Creek Community Foundation; (3) The Patterson Foundation; and (4) Ringling College Library Association.  The award went to The Siemer Family Foundation.  However, we thought we were in special company and gained very positive recognition throughout the area.  The award ceremony was held on 18 November 2014 at Michael’s on East Restaurant in Sarasota.
In part we were recognized for an innovative approach in which HCCF has identified health services that are not easily accessible for North Port residents and encouraging charities to locate in the city and provide those services.
Dale Kirkland, President of HCCF