Report to Members on Recent Activities of HCCF – Summer 2014
Golf Tournament Fund Raiser New Volunteers:  Chip Smith who has headed the HCCF Golf Committee that plans and executes the HCCF golf tournament fund raiser will not continue in that position.  We appreciate the efforts of Chip and his wife Barbara very much. 
At the 27 May HCCF Board meeting I fleshed out an organization structure with four subcommittees.  They are: (1) dealing with HCG&CC; (2) covering the event day activities; (3) sponsorship; and (4) publicity.  Joe Strosnik is the head the subcommittee dealing with HCG&CC; Lloyd & Vicki Preissler, covering the event day activities; and Bob Smith, publicity.  Eight persons have volunteered to be on the sponsorship subcommittee.  The overall coordinator is Jerry Stevens.  He and Bob Smith will work with the sponsorship subcommittee.  Anyone who can help in any area of this endeavor, please contact me or any of the subcommittee heads.
Change in Chair for Wine Tasting Gala:  On 23 May 2014, Denis Picard sent an email to me announcing that he could not continue as the chair of the Wine Tasting Gala.  Chip and Barb Smith have agreed to take this assignment for the next Wine Tasting Gala in November 2014. 
Crowded Calendar and a Re-evaluation:  The special ad hoc committee the Board established to review the annual calendar of HCCF made a report at the Board meeting on 29 April 2014.  The committee of Board members, chaired by Marilyn Kosiorek, was charged with the responsibility of (1) trying to rearrange HCCF events so that not too many were too close together; (2) looking at any events that could be moved away, productively and without harm, from the six month period (October to March) when most snowbirds are in Florida; (3) reviewing existing activities for “staleness” and what might be effective replacements. 
One recommendation was to move the Annual Food for School Students event from late in February to early in October.  A second recommendation was to replace the Walk-A Thon / Sports Day with a fundraising concert (e.g., a Doo Wop concert).  A third recommendation was to include a fashion show as part of the golf tournament fund raiser.  This is “a start” in planning for changes to the HCCF calendar for 2015 and 2016.
Membership Drive Update:  The Membership Committee is chaired by Bob Finitzer.  In March that committee sent out letters with a new brochure to those households in Heron Creek who are not members of HCCF inviting them to join.  At the April Board meeting Board member Sandy Finitzer reported 12 new members from the letters and 17 new members in total.  That committee sends a reminder to each member at the annual date when dues are expected. 
Start of a Benefactor Program:  I told you about our plan for a Benefactor Program to local businesses and professional persons in my Spring 2014 report to members.  Bob Smith chairs the Benefactor Program Committee.  The HCCF Board approved the cost of printing of a trifold brochure for distribution to potential responders.  On 8 May the Benefactor Committee met to plan next steps.  On 12 May Bob and I met with Bill Gunnin of the North Port Area Chamber of Commerce (NPACC) to discuss the best and least expensive way of using NPACC meetings and avenues of communication to get our message to potential responders.  We have placed some brochures at the NPACC main office so that members may be able to pick up one.  We have been and will be at NPACC events to distribute brochures and talk to members about the program.  We can have the brochure information inserted in a weekly e-newsletter to NPACC members.  We have placed the brochure on the HCCF website.  It can be accessed off the screen displayed initially.  We thank Rozier Sharp and Ron Bowersock for their on this display.
Presentation of House Key to Family in North Port:  On 2 May 2014 I represented HCCF in the presentation of keys to a new house at 3333 Rodman Street in North Port to the Cordalane Solomon family (mother and two sons).  The house was built by Habitat for Humanity South Sarasota County, Inc.  HCCF contributed money via a grant for materials used in its construction.  HCCF was designated in the program as the sponsor of this home.  Also in attendance were HCCF Board members Rich Gaudett and Rich Wimmer.
Board Insurance:  On 27 May the HCCF Board voted to acquire directors and officers (D&O) insurance from the United States Liability Insurance Group.  The cost for $500,000 coverage for one year is $540.  We seek to piggyback off the general liability insurance for HCG&CC at $150 per year.  We need the approval from the owner of HCG&CC for that to occur.  Getting that approval is a work in progress.  General liability is distinct from D&O.  Board Member Bill Bay has helped us get the optimal terms at the least cost.
Food Request from GCCF:  On Monday, 31 March 2014, I sent an email to members of HCCF urging them to help GCCF and All Faiths Food Bank with a summer program designed to help feed approximately 21,000 youth in Sarasota County, many in North Port, this summer.  I informed GCCF that HCCF was not responding to this appeal as an organization; rather, we hope that residents of Heron Creek respond individually to this appeal.  I know from a report sent to me by All Faiths Food Bank that the campaign was successful raising more than $1,000,000 and 600,000 pounds of food.
Grants for 2014: The HCCF grant cycle begins in early August 2014 when our website will be opened for 501c3 public charities to make application for a grant.  The website will be closed for applications at the end of September.  At that point, the grants committee under Lynda Gifford will begin the evaluation process that will culminate in their recommendations to the Board about what grants to make.  Grant checks will be dispensed to public charities in November 2014.
The Board has the final decision of the grants subject to the conditions set by IRS rules.  In our annual budget for 2014 we allocated $28K for grants.  We are looking at the returns on invested funds and on the income from fundraisers to determine what that amount will be in 2014.  A final Board decision on the amount will not come until the end of August.  Our net-of-expenses income from three fundraisers since 1 Nov 13 fell below the 2014 budget by about $8K.  Two persons are added to the Grants Committee this year.  They are Carol Kantor and Donna Maiorino.
Article in North Port Magazine:  In the July 2014 issue of the North Port Magazine is an article with photos about HCCF and the Benefactor program.  Please take a look at it on pages 50 to 52.  Bob Smith did some editing of the article written by NPM managing editor Jessica Hobbs.  My concern about any publicity is that nothing is misrepresented about HCCF, either accidentally or otherwise. The website of the magazine is
Dale Kirkland, President of HCCF