On January 19, 2017 the Foundation held its annual meeting of the membership.  With a substantial crowd in attendance, the membership was given a full overview of the work of the Foundation covering, among other things, the 2016 grants and other business.  President McQuain also announced that the Foundation was given an award from the All Faiths Food Bank for donating the most food from one source in 2016.   The Community Services Committee, which is directly responsible for the work involved at the food drives, is congratulated for its fine work not only in 2016 but also for the tons of food collected and distributed since 2011.

The membership also elected the following persons as the new directors, with three-year terms in office:
      Ron Cibolski - A long-time resident with a background in commercial banking, the Small Business Administration and a small-business owner.
      Ed Luchi - Another long-time active resident who worked in a number of industries in the area of implementation of computer applications and has been a volunteer with the Foundation.
      Kevin Smith - Recent co-chair of the Golf Tournament, Kevin has spent his career in law enforcement and security for many corporations throughout the East.
      Judi Wing - A newer resident in Heron Creek, Judi has spent most of her career in child psychology and served in Central Michigan as a school psychologist.  She also comes with experience serving on other Boards of Director positions.

Treasurer Tom Shannon also provided the membership with a detailed review of the financial reports for calendar 2016 as well as the budget performance and new 2017 budget.  All financial reports are available on the web site under "Records" or by clicking HERE .