Thanks to the participation and enthusiasm of our members and fund-raiser board 2attendees, the Foundation is thrilled to announce that we were able to grant $58,116 in 2019 to 27 charitable organizations that help North Port.  With this award, the HCCF celebrates reaching total grants awarded of $361,777 since 2011.  Again, this is only possible because of the dedicated support of Heron Creek residents and members.  Thank you so much.

On Tuesday, November 26, 2019 the Foundation held its annual grant ceremony to award checks to the below listed organizations.  All were welcome to join the Board at the presentation, which was held in the Club Main Dining Room at 1:00 PM. 

“I am very pleased that we are able to award significant grants this year.  We have had another good year with exceptional net profits from fund-raising events and good investment returns despite the difficult year in the financial markets.  It is a testament to the strong support we have received from residents of Heron Creek.  We are very happy to give as much as we can to the North Port community” said Judy Wing, Foundation president.  On Tuesday November 26 at 1:00 PM in the Main Dining Room, checks were presented to the following grantees:

Child Protection Center, Inc. - $2,000 -- to provide therapy for North Port children in Sexual Abuse Treatment Program

Mental Health Community Center - $2,000 -- to fund recovery-focused services at the North Port Anchor House

Safe Place and Rape Crisis Center - $2,100 -- to pay rent and expenses to retain the SPARCC office in North Port

Habitat for Humanity - $2,000 -- to help fund the building of 7 homes in North Port.

Back Pack Angels - $2,000 -- to purchase hygiene products for distribution to North Port homeless students

Meals on Wheels - $2,500 -- to fund the purchase of food and pay expenses for meals to North Port citizens that cannot otherwise prepare their own meals

The TWIG Cares - $2,000 -- to purchase shoes for distribution to foster children in North Port

CHAPS HIV/AIDS Support Center - $2,000 -- to purchase and distribute fresh fruit and vegetables to HIV/AIDS patients for healthy and nutritious meals

Big Brothers Big Sisters - $2,000 -- to pay for the Gateway to Graduation program for North Port students

Early Childhood Center - $2,000 -- to train 7 new teachers in the PECS system so non-verbal children can attain communication skills

Children First - $1,000 -- to help fund the Families First Institute to train parents to provide safe and nutrious lives for their children

Children's Guardian Fund - $1,500 -- to fund guardians ad litem so they may provide special gifts to the children so they may experience more normal lives

Family Promise - $2,000 -- to provide emergency housing for North Port homeless families and manage them toward permanent housing

Forty Carrots Family Center - $2,000 -- to train pregnant and parenting teens in NP to provide their children with safe and prosperous lives

Literacy Volunteers - $2,000 -- to purchase learning and study materials for NP residents who are English illiterate 

Education Foundation - $2,000 -- for the continuation of the NP High School Success Center guiding students to higher education & prosperous lives

Teen Court - $2,000 -- For 550 drug tests of NP students signing up and pledging to remain drug free throughout their years of education

Coastal Behavioral Healthcare - $1,500 -- to refurbish the children's waiting room for NP children with mental illness or addiction disorders

Salvation Army - $2,116 -- to purchase food and stock their warehouse for distribution to needy North Port citizens

Good Samaritan Pharmacy and Health Services -  $2,000 -- for expenses allowing volunteer physicians to provide the needy with medical care and meds

SOLVE Maternity Homes - $2,000 -- to purchase software and tech equipment and provide management services to homeless and pregnant females

Neuro Challenge Foundation - $1,500 -- to help fund its Care Partner Connection, Power Hour and Wellness Club programs

YMCA - $2,000 -- to fund its School House Link Program and other services for homeless North Port students 

Boys & Girls Club - $5,000 -- with a matching Gift from Modern Woodmen of America to benefit the Club's SMART MOVES program in North Port

Take Stock in Children - $4,400 -- to fund HCCF's 6th mentoring program and full four-year scholarship for a deserving North Port High student

Hope for North Port - $2,500 -- to fund a monthly Health and Wellness Fair for needy North Port citizens, including grooming and free medical and dental care

Loveland Center - $2,000 -- to help purchase a mobile Sensory-Safe Zone so those North Port children can participate in normal festivals and events