seat picture As part of our fundraising effort associated with our golf tournament on Friday, October 23rd, we are pleased to announce an auction for premium golf seats. Affordable Golf Cars of Venice has donated the Bolster Seat to the foundation to assist us raise funds. A display seat will be outside the pro shop beginning Friday, October 16, for your review. Click on the link below to the foundation website to review a flyer on the Bolster Seat. This seat is available for all of the popular brands of golf carts. You cab see a picture of the type of seat and the Auction sign by clicking HERE

Along with the demo on display will be an auction bid sheet. For those making a bid, enter your name, phone number, and bid amount. Bids must be a minimum of $25 multiples. Bids will close at 3:00pm on Friday, October 23, 2020.

The winning bidder will coordinate with Affordable Golf Cars to select their seat to match their make of golf cart and to choose the colors for their new seat. Make your round of golf more comfortable and enjoyable while you are also contributing to a great cause.

Please contact Bob Burkart, 661-0603, if you have any questions.


sobeckiDave & Cat Sobecki
The best thing about our golf cart?  The upgraded seat.  Even more than the “Cat N Dog” license plate.  It was worth every dime it added to the cost and then some.  Once a week or so, I’ll drive a company cart for the first nine while Cat finishes up, then she’ll meet up with me and switch.  WOW!  After nine in a regular seat, when I get back into our cart it’s like my heinie died and went to heaven.  You have to try it out to really appreciate the difference, but I can tell you that everyone that I drove in my cart (pre-COVID, of course - safety first!) remarked about how great the seats are.  Upgrade!  You (and your heinie) will thank us.

dennysDennis & Linda Denny
Linda and I purchased the bolster seats from the Foundation auction 2 years ago and we could not be happier.

We contacted Affordable Golf carts after our winning bid and they asked us to visit their showroom and pick the kind of seat that we wanted. There were so many choices of colors and patterns to choose from!

The order was placed and we were contacted when the seat arrived. Affordable came and picked up the cart, installed the seat and returned it to our home.

We love the seat. It sits higher than our other cart seat and is extremely comfortable.

We were so happy that we had the winning bid!