2021 Annual Meeting of Members
Nominations for Board of Directors
Request for Proxy



This is to advise you that the 2021 HCCF Membership Meeting will take place as follows:

             -- DATE:  Friday, January 22, 2021

             -- TIME:  10:00 am

             -- PLACE:  Due to Covid restrictions, the meeting will be via Zoom.  All current members will be sent instructions and an invitation to join the meeting.  Any member who did not receive such invitation should send an email request to:

1.    Amendments to the Bylaws

There are no amendments to the Bylaws being considered this year.

2.    Election of New Directors

The membership will be electing four new Directors to fill the seats currently filled by Tony Malavenda, Nancy Hoffman, Bruce Suardini whose terms expire at the meeting and a vacant position.  

The Nominating Committee has submitted the names of the following members to fill those seats:

-       Art Dolben

-       Linda Shannon

-       Deanne Siddall

-       Gary Marlar


Art Dolben

     Professionally I worked for 33 years at what started as New England Telephone and ended up as Verizon. My career started as a telephone installer/repair technician. I ended my tenure as a senior computer software analyst. After leaving Verizon, I moved into a software consulting firm. I am still working as a consultant in a part-time role for the Merck pharmaceutical company.

     I have been fortunate in many ways in my life, having a good income, a wonderful wife and family and a successful career. I feel blessed to have been able to settle in a beautiful and wonderful community such as we have here at Heron Creek. I believe that the HCCF is doing things for the greater North Port community that I would like to support.

Linda B Shannon

     I have lived in Heron Creek for the past 10 years and have been a member of the Foundation since we moved here. I started my business career with Dun and Bradstreet as a credit reporter and was the first female salesperson in the Southeast. I finished my career with Home Life Insurance Co in Largo, Fl as an underwriter.

     When we came to Heron Creek, I immediately joined the Ladies Golf League, serving as tournament chair, President Elect and finally President in 2017-18. I chaired the Handicap Committee from July 2017 to March 2020. The Golf Committee is my home now, am also a member of the Advisory Board of Heron Creek Golf and Country Club.

     My late husband, Tom served as treasurer of the Foundation for 3 years. We have always participated in Foundation events when possible. I would like to carry on his work on the board and I am currently on the Grants Committee.

Deanne Siddall

     Since early in my life I have sought to improve the lives of others. This was reinforced when I began teaching and realized some of my students had difficulty learning. As a regular education teacher, I gravitated toward this group of students and tried to rewrite curriculum and use other strategies to facilitate their learning. It gave me great pleasure to be able to make a difference in my students’ educational lives. I was encouraged by our school psychologist to apply for a scholarship to attend the special education program at the University of Minnesota. I received the scholarship and completed my degree in special education. I taught special education for about ten years and was promoted to my district’s special education director. I was responsible for ensuring that all special education students were achieving their potential and were provided with appropriate public education and may have involved researching an out of district placement for a student or enriching our local curriculum through the purchase of additional material, programs or hiring additional staff with specialized training.

     During my ten years on the job, I was able to write grants that provided supplemental support for materials and staff. I was also able to create an integrated preschool for the local pre-kindergarten students. Other grants provided training and support for regular education teachers that were mainstreaming special ed students and for the parents of special needs students.

     During this time, my husband died suddenly. I turned to my church’s support group.   My minister suggested I take training to become a pastoral associate. With my loss I was able to understand and address the needs of some of the people in the congregation. I began to work with a few members listening, providing meals, helping people find hobbies, and cooking once a week for a homeless shelter.

     It seemed a natural Segway to join the HCCF when my new husband and I moved to Heron Creek. I still felt the need to be part of a community that supports organizations that serve the citizens of North Port. While a member of the Heron Creek Social Committee I chose to sponsor a fashion show that raised $4,000 to support grants given in 2018. It was hard work and fun and I was grateful for the community response in raising money for those in need.

Gary Marlar      

     Gary Marlar holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Arkansas State University and a Master of Arts in Business Management from Central Michigan University. He is a retired Army officer and Department of Defense civilian with multiple overseas assignments in Germany and Vietnam. He served in the offices of the Comptroller of the Army, Army Chief of Staff, and Undersecretary of Defense (Comptroller). He also served as the Comptroller, Fort Belvoir, VA, and Budget Officer for US Army Europe and 7th Army in Heidelberg, Germany. Gary currently works part time as a consultant on Army financial systems.

     Gary’s experience with tax exempt organizations is serving as treasurer, and subsequently president. of the Sandhills Chapter of the Military Officers Association, a 501(c)(19) Veterans Organization with over 300 members, in Pinehurst, NC. The Chapter manages and operates three nonprofit programs to benefit members of the community.

     Under the umbrella of the 501(c)(19) designation the Chapter’s Junior ROTC Scholarship Program provides a $2,000 scholarship to a senior at each of the eight high schools with JROTC programs in the Chapter’s six county catchment area. The recipient is selected by their high school administration and the only prerequisite is the individual had to have participated in the JROTC program. Funding for the program is through the Chapter’s annual golf tournament and donations.

     A much larger program is the Moore County NC Empty Stocking Fund (ESF), a 501(c)(3) organization that the Chapter inherited from the Moore County United Way in 1999. The ESF supports needy families in Moore County by providing Christmas gifts for each family member and food vouchers for Christmas dinner.

     When Gary became president of the Chapter in 2013, there was a consensus that the Chapter should develop a program to specifically support needy veterans of which there were over 1500 in Moore County. Under the umbrella of the 501(c)(19) the Chapter established a Veterans Support Fund and held a concert to raise funds. While briefing the local city councils on the program to help needy veterans, the Southern Pines mayor suggested, “We should have a Veterans Day parade”. So, with 45 days to go before Veterans Day, a committee of local veterans’ organizations was pulled together to organize the first Veterans Day parade in Moore County since the 1923 Armistice Day parade. That organization is now a separate 501(c)(3) Veterans Day Parade organization and the parade continues to grow each year. More importantly, the Veterans Support Fund is alive and well in the Sandhills Chapter supporting Moore County needy veterans.

3.     Proxy for Annual Meeting:

The Board of Directors requests that a Proxy be completed and submitted to the Board by any member that will not attend the annual meeting.  Please note that any proxy completed and submitted prior to the meeting is automatically revoked if the member attends the meeting.  A copy of the proxy is shown below, and another copy is attached to this message.

IMPORTANT:  You may fulfill your intention to submit your proxy

by simply replying to this email and indicating to whom you assign

your proxy.    As stated on the proxy, you need not assign to any 

particular individual because all unassigned proxies will be

assigned to and exercised by the 2020 President of the Board.




The undersigned do hereby constitute and appoint

____________________________________ as our agent, in our name place and stead, to vote as our Proxy at the Annual Meeting of the heron Creek Community Foundation, to be held in the Main Dining Room at Heron Creek Country Club on Friday, January 22, 2021 at 10:00 AM, or at any adjournment or adjournments thereof.

In the event we have not specifically named a Proxy, we then authorize and direct the current President of the Heron Creek Community Foundation, to exercise this Proxy.

Our attendance in person at this meeting shall automatically revoke this Proxy.


we have signed this Proxy on ___________________________, 20_____

Member (Printed): _____________________________________________

Member (Signature): ____________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________


FILING:  This proxy may be filed by:

(1) e-mailing an executed copy to, (Preferred

(2) handing it to any member or the Board of Directors,

(3) mailing it to HCCF at 3401 S. Sumter Blvd, North Port, FL 34287, or

(4) having the assigned member bring it to the meeting.