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The Heron Creek Community Foundation Board of Directors are pleased to announce our Grant Cycle for 2022 will be OPEN this year to all 501 (c) (3) organizations that serve the citizens of North Port. As noted below, our grant timeline has been altered slightly to accommodate the OPEN Grant process.

Our challenge and vision are to support those organizations that have the greatest impact on our community, supporting both reactive and proactive needs. Our grants committee is committed to identify where we can have the greatest positive impact as our community continues to grow and evolve, adapting to our social and economic changes. Our mission remains the same, “financially support qualified charitable organizations which serve the citizens of North Port and improve the quality of life within the local community.”

Warm Regards,

Heron Creek Community Foundation

For any questions call Grants Committee Chair Bill Bay at 941-266-2835.


2022 Grant Cycle

Use of Grant Proceeds:

While grant proceeds may be used for either acquisition of capital assets or operating costs of your organization, you must demonstrate that grant proceeds will be used to address the more critical needs of the citizens of North Port, such as food, clothing, shelter, health care or education.

2022 Eligibly Criteria:

1. Must be a current 501 (c) (3) organization as of January 1, 2020 (must provide IRS taxexempt letter of determination from IRS)
2. Grant proceeds must be utilized to serve the citizens of North Port
3. Organizations must have been in full operation prior to January 1, 2020
4. Must allow HCCF to conduct pre-grant and post-grant site visits
5. Grant proceeds must be utilized with six months, unless an exemption is specifically approved by HCCF

2022 Questions about application or procedures:

The Heron Creek Community Foundation understands the time involved in submitting a grant proposal. It is strongly suggested that before an organization commits to writing a grant proposal a designated person email us with any questions, to determine if the proposed program meets our vision. You may send such questions to Your questions should be answered within 48 hours. Since we are a volunteer organization, we suggest you contact us sooner rather that later during the grant cycle. Questions may not be addressed if submitted after August 29th, 2022.

2022 Grant Application Schedule and Deadlines:

August 1, 2022: First date applications will be accepted

August 29, 2022: Last day questions may be submitted

September 15, 2022: Last day for submission of Grant Applications

September 15-30, 2022: Investigations of Grant Applications

October 20, 2022: Grant Announcement

October 21, 2022: Grant Award Photo Session