Heron Creek Community Foundation
Annual Membership Meeting
                                                            January 22, 2021

The meeting was called to oder by President Tony Malavenda at 10:00 a.m.  The meeting was held over "Zoom" meetings and Tony indicated he had enough proxies to declare a quorum.

Tony welcomed everyone and thanked Ron Bowersock for organizing the Zoom meeting and Rozier Sharp for coordinating the slide show.

Tony gave is annual report highlighting the past year.   It was a challenging year with cancelled fund raisers while facing increased needs in the community.   A grant drive was conducted and thanks to Sandy and Martha Edinger offering matching funds, and the generosity of the Foundation members, was very successful.  The grant drive and profits from Gulf Coast Endowment fund allowed $57,000 to be awarded in grants.  The impact of COVID dictated the focus of grant awards in North Port.   The targeted services were food, housing, health care and scholarship.   It was also decided to have a larger impact on fewer charities with larger grant amounts.

The Community Services highlights included the Giving Tree at Christmas which served 72 families and the Food Drive last February.  

Fund raising during the year was difficult with the postponing of the Duprees Concert twice and the Golf Tournament postponed from spring to October with changes to ensure safety.  The Golf Tournament was successful and raised over $30,000 which will go towards the 2021 grant cycle.

The goals for 2020 were to maintain and increase membership and promote and increase publicitiy of the Foundation.   The membership goal was put on hold as the plans included face to face contact.  Enrollment in membership was increased from 220 to 241.   This number is still disappointing as we have 830 households.

Publicity of the Foundation was very successful primarily to chair Holly Loos who expanded exposure through a new Face Book page, newspaper articles, a radio interiew on a local station and initiating remodeling of the web page.

New Golf Tournament sponsor, "Tommy's Car Wash" was a generous doner and expressed interest in supporting future endeavors of the Foundation.  Tony indicated members should support this and other sponsors as a thank you for their support.

Tony thanked the board members for their support during his tenure as well as Rozier Sharp for his help with the website management, e-mails and Grant Committee.   Ron Bowersock was thanked again for his help on the web site, e-mails and "Zoom" meetings.

Mary Bowersock thanked retiring Board members Tony Malavenda, Nancy Hoffman, Bruce Suardini and Nancy Holden (deceased).

Pete Cunningham gave the treasurer's report and indicated that despite postponment of the concert and golf tournament, the Foundation had a successful year.  The net worth of the Foundation with the Gulf Coast Community Foundation is up approximately $61,000, and if trends continue there should be an increase next year.  Money from concert ticket sales will remain in the administrative account.  The Golf Tournament proceeds was comparable to previous years and will be available for next year's grant cycle.  There is $25,000 in the administrative account that can be transferred to the endowment fund with Gulf Coast.

Tony introduced the slate of new Board Members:  Gary Marlar, Linda Shannon, Deanne Diddal and Art Dolben.   The board voted unanimously to accep the slate and the new Board members were welcomed.

Prior to adjourning, Sandy Edinger the "founder" of Heron Creek Community Foundation was invited to say a few words.  He commended the Board for their work during the the difficult year, and he was again thanked for his generous support of the Foundation.

There being no more business, the meeting adjourned.
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