HCCF Board Meeting Minutes
                                                      January 22, 2021

The meeting was held over "Zoom" and called to order at 11:00a.m.

Present:  Tony Malavenda, Holly Loos, Bob Burkart, Joe O'Connor, Bill Bach, Pete Cunningham, Judy Broughton, Gary Marlar, Art Dolben, Deanne Siddall, Linda Shannon, Rozier Sharp, Mary Bowersock

Absent:  Jennifer Strieby

The meeting was called to order at 11:02 a.m. by outgoing president Tony Malavenda, who declared a quorum and conducted the election of officers.  The slate was presented as follows:  President - Holly Loos, Vice President- Bob Burkart, Treasurer- Pete Cunningham and Secretary - Mary Bowersock.  The slate was approved.

The new Board members introduced themselves and said a few words about their background and interest of serving on the Board.

Treasurer's Report:  Pete presented the budget for 2021 which was similar to 2020.  As of 12/312020 there is $398,894 in the Gulf Coast Endowment fund and $37,444 in the administrative and holding account.  There is $25,000 in the administrative account that can be transferred to the endowment fund.  The concert ticket revenue is also in the administrative fund and will remain there pending the completion of the concert.  Linda Shannon moved to accept the report and Judy Broughtoon seconded the motion and the Board voted to accept the report.

President's Report:  Holly Loos indicated the Foundation received several letters from grant recipients that she will give to Rozier for posting on the web site.

There was concern earlier about access to the Gulf Coast Community Foundation account and authorization on checks.  Signature cards at Chase Bank will need to be changed and Holly will contact Gulf Coast about adding her information.  It was agreed that the procedures to add and remove authorized signatures needs to be clear and followed with every change of treasurer and president.

Bill Bach suggested looking into Busey Bank as they are a sponsor and we have been encouraged to support our sponsors.  Pete indicated that chase may have been used because of going to the use of credit cards for dues, donations and fund raisers.   Comparison of the fees of both Chase and Busey will be reviewed prior to any changes made.  Bill and Pete will look into this.

Duprees Concert:   Holly relayed information from event chair, Kevin Smith.  He indicated the Duprees will honor their commitment to hold the concert which has been postponed twice.   Current ticket sales are $6300.  Kevin will be asked to attend the next board meeting and give an update.

Committee Reports:
There are vacancies in the committee chairs Holly reviewed what the committees do and the following are the current chairs.
Resource and Development - Bill Bach (plus Linda Shannon and Deanne Siddal offered assistance)
Publicity/Communications - Gary Marlar (plus Rozier will continue to do the web site and e-mail monitoring)
Community Service Liaison - Judy Broughton (in contact with Marilyn Kosiorek, Community Service Chair.)
Membership - Jennifer Strieby will continue
Nominating - Mary Bowersock will continue
By-Laws - Linda Shannon volunteered
Grants - Rozier Sharp will continue and has a committee of approximately 8

Goals for 2021
The goals for 2020 will be continued as the pandemic prevented fully working towards them.
1.  In an effort to maintain and increase membership, determine why members do not renew their membership by developing and conducting surveys of all members in the past two years who have not renewed for reasons other than moving or deceased.   This data would be analyzed to develop strategies to maintain and increase members.

2.  Publicize the mission and accomplishments of the Foundation to a broader audience by increasing the number of articles or stories in the media (internet, newspaper, radio and television) and in the North Port community by having a presence or display at community events.

New Business:
   Rozier will conduct a new Director orientation on February 10 or another day agreeable to the new directors.  A few Directors have the "procedures" manual developed by Rozier, and there appears to be enough for all.

The Food Drive has been modified to collect money rather than food this year.  Judy Broughton will get with Marilyn Kosoirek to get the details so they can be included in the Heron Creek newsletter.

Rozier indicated he has had problems wit mass e-mails as Microsoft has tagged mass mailings as spam.  He is working with Ron Bowersock to remedy this.

Minutes of the last Board Meeting were approved.

The next meeting is scheduled for February 23 from 3:00 to 5:00 outside on the lanai outside the dining room.

No further business indicated, Pete move to adjourned and was seconded by Mary.
Meeting adjourned at 12:08 p.m.