HCCF Board Minutes
February 23, 2021

Holly Loos, Pete Cunningham, Mary Bowersock, Jennifer Strieby, Judy Broughton, Deanne Siddal, Joe O'Connor, Gary Marlar, Linda Shannon

Guests:  Kevin Smith, Sameh Ghobrial

The meeting was called to order and a quorum was declared.

Dupree's Concert Update:  Kevin Smith gave an update on the concert.  The concert has been postponed twice and currently the Performing Arts Center (NPPAC) is limiting capacity to 25%.  The NPPAC is optimistic this cap will be lifted, hopefully by the start of school in August.   With the limited capacity, it would not be profitable to hold the concert.   Kevin proposed moving the concert to January 21, 2022, as this is agreeable to both the Duprees and the Performing Arts Center, and would also be better for attracting "snow birds".   It was motioned by Pete and seconded by Judy Broughton to approve the new date.   The motion passed.  Ticket holders will be notified via e-mail, and through "Purple Pass"  the ticket management company.  Kevin was thanked for all his hard work on organizing the concert.

Membership Committee:  Joe O'Connor, Chair and Sameh Ghobrial, volunteer reported on efforts to grow the membership, and therefore the endowment.   They have reviewed the process for getting new members and renewal of memberships.  They would like to develop a process and pilot it in two neighborhoods, Quail Run and Palmetto Lakes that would involve "driveway presentations"  on Foundation information, and encouraging people to join the "Foundation Family of Giving"

Sameh indicated there seems to be gaps in Foundation communicating to all residents, not just members.  He polled the tennis groups and found only 20 of 242 tennis members are members of the Foundation, and in 2020 out of 100 home sales, only 6 joined.  

There was discussion that more publicity is needed about the achievements of the Foundation including citing donor recipients "thank yous" and what their agencies do in the community.  These agencies may be invited to the information sessions as guest speakers.  Along this line, it was noted that the information pamphlet needs to be updated and Gary will get with Rozier to look into doing so.

Jennifer brought up the endowment fund, and that when the Foundation was started it was anticipated that with $500,000 in the account, the proceeds should fund the grant giving with minimal additional fundraising.   It is estimated that at a near 8% return on investment, the fund could average close to $40,000 for grant giving.   The endowment is currently has approximately $442,000.  She questioned if focus should be on getting the endowment up to the $500,000 mark to ensure grant giving in case there is another year like the past that inhibited fundraising.  She also cited "donor fatigue" in the community and a possible "sweat equity" plan for membership for those unable to contribute monetarily.  

Discussion continued  on whether focus should be on increasing membership or pushing to get the endowment to the $500,000 level.   Focus on the membership would also benefit the endowment as the $100 annual membership fee goes into the endowment fund.  Joe and Sameh presented a 30/60/90 Day Endowment and Membership Growth Plan that addressed both issues.  This plan focused on communicating the Foundation objectives including the endowment through a marketing plan.  

The plan includes:
1.  Increase membership from 242 to 484 by end of 2021
2.  Grow endowment from current amount to $500,000
3.  Improve membership process
4.  Streamline renewal process
5.  Fine tune procedure for new residents and non-residents
6.  Review and clean up existing membership data bases
7.  Review donor list versus member list and cross check for accuracy
8.  Develop 30/60/90 plan to achieve goals and objectives

Holly and Gary will work on a communication piece merging the membership and endowment drives.

Secretary's Report - Mary Bowersock
The Board minutes of January 2021 were approved by motion and second by Linda and Gary.

President's Report - Holly Loos
Gulf Coast Community Foundation was contacted and contact information, signature and access to funds were updated.

Thank you notes from Angel Tree recipients were shared and these will be put on the web-site.

Plaque from Good Samaritan as a thank you will be displayed in the Grill Room at the club.  The Foundation will also be able to display additional plaques there.

The North Port Symphony was contacted and they are willing to do a joint 10th anniversary function.  

During the Annual Meeting on Zoom, out going directors were not properly thanked for their service.  Holly  created certificates of appreciation that will be given to Tony, Bruce and Nancy.

Treasurer's Report - Pete Cunningham
Pete and Bill met with Busey Bank about transferring the Foundation account there.  The services would remain the same for less cost and more attentive service.   Busy Bank also was a supporter of the golf tournament.  Gary moved and Linda seconded a motion to transfer our account to Busey Bank.

Publicity  Report - Gary Marlar
Information for the newsletter should be forwarded to Gary.  He will be doing a write  up on the membership/endowment initiative, as well as an update on the Duprees Concert.

Community Services - Judy Broughton
Judy indicated the success of the food "fund drive" raising $21,780.  She will coordinate with All  Faiths Food Bank for the check presentation Friday, March 5.
Jennifer indicated that the Service Committee should also look within our community for those needing assistance.

New Business
None raised

Next meeting March 23, 2021.

Pete moved, and Gary seconded to adjourn the meeting.
Meeting adjourned at 4:50 p.m.