HCCF Board Meeting
September 28, 2021

Present:  Bob Burkart, Deanne Siddal, Judy Broughton, Jennifer Strieby, Bill Bach, Pete Cunningham, Linda Shannon, Joe O'Connor, Mary Bowersock

Phone:  Sameh Ghobrial

The meeting was called to order by Bob Burkart, Vice President.

Secretary's Report:  The minutes of the June 22, 2021 meeting were approved by a motion from Pete and seconded by Bill.  The minutes of the September 16, 2021 Grants Meeting were approved after corrections made.

Treasurer's Report:  Pete reported that as of the end of August, there is $11,428 in the administrative account with approximately $10,000 from the Golf Tournament.   The balance in the Endowment Fund is $510,697.

Bob identified the total amount available for the 2021 Grants, using the "formula" previously utilized, as $85,142.    Jennifer suggested waiting until all grant applications were received to identify the total amount to be given.  So far she estimates $50,000 will be requested.  There was discussion as to whether more money can be given than was requested and if agencies should be solicited to apply for a grant.  The decision was tabled pending receipt of all applications.

Pete suggested that agencies be offered the option of requesting grants in "tier amounts", such as requesting three different amounts.  

Membership Report:  Joe O'Connor reported that there are plans to resume the "driveway" information sessions after summer when it is cooler and residents have returned .   He suggested that the Foundation have signage and information at each of the cart parade stops in each neighborhood.   It was also suggested that each "neighborhood Ambassador" reintroduce themselves to their respective neighborhood to promote th Foundation.

Deanne suggested having a speaker at groups meeting in the clubhouse such as the book club or card groups.  Joe indicated he had hoped to do so with larger groups such as golf or tennis groups.

Publicity and Communications' Report:   no report

Resource and Development:   Bob reported on the upcoming golf tournament being held on October 22.   He is hoping to get more sponsors.  Letters should have gone out to each of the neighborhoods to sponsor a hole.    Bronze Sponsors will have their name on a sign.  The tournament is sold out but Bob has a waiting list for those wishing to play.

Holiday Home Tour -- Deanne reported that currently there are seven homes scheduled to be on the tour scheduled for December 5.  It was agreed that that should be sufficient for the afternoon.   It is limited to residents and not open to the public.   

Nominating Committee--  Mary reported that the committee is comprised of herself and that Sameh volunteered also.  One more person is needed.   The outgoing board members are Holly, Jennifer, Judy and Mary.  Several names have been suggested and more are welcome.  

New Business--
Jennifer indicated that at the last golf tournament there was a large auction.  The trips are still available to those that had the winning bids.   She also is hosting a dinner party that was won at that time and not used.   Some board members are assisting her that evening.

Next Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 26 at 10: a.m.  at the courtside.  As the following meeting in November is scheduled the week of Thanksgiving, it was agreed to skip that meeting and any business necessary will be conducted via e-mail.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:45 by a motion by Deanne and seconded by Pete.