Grant Meeting

October 5, 2021

Present: Holly Loos, Bill Bach, Art Dolben, Joe O’Connor, Judy Broughton, Linda Shannon, Jennifer Strieby, Deanne Siddall, Pete Cunningham

Grants Committee Members: Joe Strosnik and Judy Wing

Phone: Sameh Ghobrial

Absent: Bob Burkart and Mary Bowersock

The meeting was called to discuss the grant applications that have been received.

Applications were received from the following:

North Port Meals on Wheels - $6,400

Child Protection Center - $5,000

Safe Place and Rape Crisis Center - $5,100

Take Stock in Children - $4,000

Good Samaritan Pharmacy and Health Services - $2,800

Loveland Center - $3,000

First Tee - $35,000

Jennifer began the meeting by asking for a vote as to whether the committee should go back to each organization to inquire if they need additional funds.   It was cautioned that this would have to be done to all, not just selected ones.   The money can be reduced, but not increased.

The majority voted against this proposal.

Pete asked if First Tee could scale back their program and still perform successfully. Jennifer indicated that we could give donations at other times of the year. It could be a gift rather than a grant.

Bill made a motion to accept the grants as written NOT the money allocated. Each grant was named and accepted.

Joe Strosnik pointed out that First Tee grant would serve many children as opposed to Take Stock in Children that would serve one child.

The discussion moved on to the money to be allocated to each grant.

Linda Shannon indicated she does not support the full $35,000 for First Tee.   Both Linda and Judy Broughton felt the supporting documentation was not sufficient, and that they did not go into enough detail and some concerns were:

1.     Where is the money going?

2.     Kids cannot afford the equipment.

3.     Kids do not have support

4.     Hard to get 200 kids into the program.

5.     Is there support from Heron Creek Country Club?

Holly said there must be accountability from all charities. First Tee does need money for coaches and their training. Linda feels that people outside of Heron Creek think the residents are snobs and that it is a huge grant just to learn to golf. Linda suggested a grant of $10,000, Judy felt half of the amount requested ($15,000 to $17,000) and Bill suggested $25,000 which is below one half of the total grants to be given.

$25,000 was proposed and passed.  The vote was 8 to 4 with the following objecting to the amount:  Linda Shannon, Judy Broughton, Bob Burkart and Sameh Ghobrial.

Joe Strosnik added that First Tee needs to let us know if Heron Creek is willing to work with them and he likes that the program is proactive not reactive. He cautioned against doing an additional grant cycle and recommended putting the extra money back in the endowment fund, so the Foundation is more self-supporting in the future and less reliant on fundraising.

It was agreed that there needs to be accountability from First Tee and should include the children’s zip codes, attendance, and ongoing progress reports (90 days was suggested.)

The Grants Committee was thanked, and Pete indicated that there is an additional $27,000 available for potential grants or giving. Everyone is to think about what our options are, and it will be discussed at the next meeting on October 26 at 10:00a.m. at the Courtside Café.

Meeting adjourned around 4:00 p.m.