Directors Meeting:  12.14.21

Call to Order & Declare a quorum.

Secretary's Report:  Approval of October Minutes

Treasurer's Report:  Update on Financials

Membership Update:  Open House for new HCGCC members

Publicity & Communications:  Update on website, news paper article, 1st Tee 2nd commnication

Resource & Development:  Update on Holiday of Homes:  Golf Tournament date confirmed 10/21/22

Grants Committee:  Update on program  & voting, post grant follow-up

Nominating Committee:  

New Business:  Annual Meeting;  By-law update ((proactive), program input, Storage Unit confirmed;  First Responders Holiday dinner

Next meeting:  Annual Meetting & 2022 Board of Directors meeting;   January 21, 2022 10:00 - 12:00