2022 Annual Meeting of Members
Nomination for Board of Directors
Request for Proxy


This is to advise you that the 2022 HCCF Membership Meeting will take place as follows:

DATE: January 21, 2022

TIME: 10:00 am

PLACE: HCGCC Main Dining Room

1.       Amendments to the Bylaws


Membership shall be individual or by household and is open to all residents of Heron Creek, all members of the Heron Creek Golf & Country Club and all non-resident former Foundation members who show their support of the purposes of the Foundation by contributing an annual sum, to be determined by the Board of Directors (herein referred to as Board). These contributors will be referred to as Members.

ARTICLE ll - Member’s Meetings


Each Member, individual or household, shall be entitled to one vote per membership, either in person or by proxy, at any annual or special meeting. The vote of a majority of members present in person or by proxy at the meeting at which a quorum is present shall be the act of the members. Unless otherwise specifically provided herein, the act of the membership is determined by a simple majority of votes (in person and by proxy)


Grants Committee: This committee is responsible for making recommendations to the Board regarding the awarding of grants by the Foundation. The process for making grants shall include a review of all suitable applications; a determination of the need and impactproactive and reactive blend of 501 (c) (3) charitable organizations, including exigency and such other matters as may be considered necessary or proper including the capacity of the Foundation itself; pre-grant site visits and post-grant follow-up visits to ensure the proper use of granted funds. All grants are subject to approval by the Board.

2.       Election of New Directors

The membership will be electing four new directors to fill the seats currently filled by Judy Broughton, Mary Bowersock, Jennifer Strieby and Holly Loos.

The Nominating Committee has submitted the names of the following members to fill those seats:

Bill Bay

Frank Goldschmidt

Maria Rinaldo

Ona Lee Swain


3.       Proxy for Annual Meeting:

The Board of Directors request that a Proxy be completed and submitted to the Board by any member that will not attend the annual meeting. Please note that any proxy completed and submitted prior to the meeting is automatically revoked if the member attends the meeting. A copy of the proxy is shown below.. You can download a DOWNLOAD A PROXY FORM by clicking here.

IMPORTANT: You may fulfill your intention to submit your proxy by simply replying to this email and indicating to whom you assign your proxy. As stated on the proxy you need not assign to any particular individual because all unassigned proxies will be assigned to and exercised by the 2021 President of the Board.



The undersigned do hereby constitute and appoint ________________________as our agent, in our name place and stead, to vote as our Proxy at the Annual Meeting of the Heron Creek Community Foundation, to be held in the Main Dining Room at Heron Creek Golf and Country Club on Friday, January 21, 2022 at 10:00 AM, or at any adjournment or adjournments thereof.

In the event we have not specifically named a Proxy, we then authorize and direct the current President of the Heron Creek Community Foundation, to exercise this Proxy.

Our attendance in person at this meeting shall automatically revoke this Proxy.


We have signed this Proxy on _________________20__

Member (Printed):_____________________________

Member (Signature):___________________________


Filing: This Proxy may be filed by:

1)      E-mailing an executed copy to (Preferred)

2)      Handing it to any member or Board of Directors

3)      Mailing it to HCCF at 3401 S. Sumter Blvd, North Port, FL 34287

4)      Having the assigned member bring it to the meeting

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