Directors Meeting 01.21.2022

Call to Order and declare a quorum.

New Business: Welcome new Board Directors
                            Election and vote of 2022 Executive Board Directors
                            Commitee Open positions review
Nominatng Committee Update: (Mary) Vacant director positions and nominating replacements and vote

Secretary's Update: (Deanne) Approve December 2021 minutes

Membership Update: (Joe)

Resource & Development Committee: (Bill) 12th Annual Golf Tournament confirmed 10/21/2022
                                                                      Holiday Hom Tour 12/04/2022
                                                                      Possible additional events
Grants Committee:  Vacant
                                    North Port Sr Center fund request

Publicity Committee: Vacant

By-Laws Committee: Vacant

Finance Update: (Pete)

Next Meeting:  2/15/2022  (Review date & time for this year)