Heron Creek Community Foundation

Annual Membership Meeting

January 21, 2022

The meeting was called to order by President Holly Loos and a quorum was declared. Holly welcomed those in attendance and thanked them for coming.

2021 Highlights

Holly reviewed the Service Committee’s two major endeavors:

--The All Faith’s Food Bank Fund Drive raised $21,500            

--The Giving Tree ensured 75 children would have gifts from Santa

The 2021 Annual Golf Tournament was a huge success thanks to chairperson Bob Burkart and co-chair Jack Steinkirchner and team of volunteers. A record $43,000 was raised in that event.

2021 Grants

A total of $51,300 was awarded based on need and impact, with input from North Port Schools, the North Port Police Department, social services, and others.  

The 2021 Grants are:

Child Protection Center - $5,000          

First Tee - $25,000

Good Samaritan Health Services - $2,800

Loveland Center - $3,000

North Port Meals on Wheels - $6,400

Safe Place and Rape Crisis Center - $5,100

Take Stock in Children – 4,000

With this year’s grants, the total grants awarded by the Heron Creek Community Foundation is $477,000.

Other highlights from 2021:

A new redesigned website was launched thanks to Ron Bowersock that is more modern and easier to navigate.

A new HCCF e-mail system was also launched that provides for more targeted updates for members and residents thanks to Ron Bowersock and Art Dolben.

A Holiday Home Tour was a free event for residents to kick off the Holidays and was attended by close to 200 visitors.

First Responders Christmas Day Dinner was sponsored by the HCCF Board of Directors and volunteers. Dinner was served to all six firehouses in North Port.

Treasurer’s Report – Pete Cunningham reported.

The balances as of 12.31.2021 are as follows:

n  Administrative Account --                 $8,891.37

n  Endowment Fund at Gulf Coast -- $508,558.16

n  Total Assets --                                    $517,449.53

Pete also reviewed the income and expenditures for the year and indicated the Endowment Fund earned approximately 9 percent last year.

Election of Directors

Holly thanked outgoing directors Jennifer Strieby and Judy Broughton for their service to the Foundation.

Mary presented the slate of nominees for the Board which is as follows:

Bill Bay, Frank Goldschmidt, Maria Rinaldo and Ona Lee Swain.

Their bios had been sent to the membership in the Annual Meeting notice. Holly moved and Pete seconded the motion to approve the slate as presented. A vote was taken, and the slate was approved. Holly congratulated and welcomed the new Board members.

Amendments to the By-laws

Two amendments to the Foundation By-laws were presented to the membership for consideration. (Changes noted in bold.)

1.    Membership shall be by individual or household and is open to all residents of Heron Creek Golf and Country Club and all non-resident former Foundation members who show their support of the purposes of the Foundation by contributing an annual sum, to be determined by the Board of Directors (herein referred to as Board). These contributors will be referred to as Members.

Each Member, Individual or household shall be entitled to one vote per membership, by either in person or by proxy at any annual or special meeting.
The amendment was put to a vote and passed.

2.    Grants Committee: This committee is responsible for making recommendations to the Board regarding the awarding of grants by the Foundation. The process for making grants shall include a review of all suitable applications, a determination of the need and impact; proactive and reactive blend of 501(c) 3 charitable organizations, including exigency and such other matters as may be considered necessary or proper including the capacity of the Foundation itself; pre-grant site visits and post-grant follow-up visits to ensure the proper use of granted funds. All grants are subject to approval by the Board.

The amendment was put to a vote and passed.

The meeting concluded with Holly thanking the membership for their continued support of the Foundation and for those attending.