Heron Creek Community Foundation
Board Meeting January 21, 2022

The meeting was called to order by Holly at 10:32 and a quorum was declared.

Present: Holly Loos, Bill Bach, Pete Cunningham, Joe O’Connor, Frank Goldschmidt, Deanne Siddall, Ona Lee Swain, Bill Bay, Mary Bowersock

Holly opened by welcoming the new Board Directors.

Election of officers. The slate was presented as follows: President – Holly Loos, Vice President – Joe O’Connor, Treasurer- Pete Cunningham and Secretary – Deanne Siddall. The slate was approved.

Nominating Committee Update: Mary agreed to continue as the chair of the committee. Holly indicated that two directors are needed to fill vacancies.   Holly had received a note of interest from Roy Munnelly. She will share his information with the Board and request a vote as to him filling a position.   Pete reiterated that a person with a financial background is needed to replace him as treasurer. He suggested Dave Sobecki.

Secretary’s Report: The minutes of the December meeting were shared with the new Board members and given time to review. Bill moved and Joe seconded the motion to approve the minutes. Motion carried.

Membership: Joe reported that 64 new people moved into Heron Creek. Carol Kantor sent each a letter about the Foundation and invited them to join.   Joe is following up with these individuals through e-mail and phone calls with a “soft sell” approach. Renewals are down maybe in response to the concerns about last year’s grants.   Mary will look into hosting new members from Kingsway and Bobcat. A way to target new residents is needed too. The club is no longer allowing the Foundation to participate in new member orientations.  

Resource and Development: Holly asked Bill Bach to chair the committee. The major fundraiser planned is the golf tournament. The Holiday Home tour will also be held and will charge a fee this year.

Grants: Bill Bay was asked to chair the committee as he has background in the grants process. The Foundation was approached by the North Port senior Center about a grant.   While outside of the normal grant cycle, grant money is available, and the request will be evaluated.

Publicity:   Mary agreed to chair the committee, and handle articles for the club newsletter and newspapers.

By-laws: Deanne will chair.

Finance: Pete will chair.

First Tee, the major grant recipient will be watched by many. It was agreed that is publicity about the program’s progress is crucial. Ona Lee offered to get involved with the group and be a liaison between First Tee and the Foundation.

Deanne noted that more information is needed on the impact the grants have on the community and the agencies that received them.

Holly noted the next meeting is scheduled for February 15, 2022, at the Courtside Café as the Club is limiting the number allowed in the Board Room.

Meeting adjourned at 11:20 a.m.