Heron Creek Community Foundation
 Board Meeting Feb.15, 2022

The meeting was called to order by Holly at 10:06 and a quorum was declared.
Holly Loos
Bill Bach
Bill Bay
Mary Bowersock
Maria Rinaldo
Roy Munnelly
Deanne Siddall

Holly welcomed the new board directors, Maria Ronaldo and Roy Munnelly.
Deanne moved that the minutes of the January meeting be approved.  Motion carried.
There was no financial report as Pete was not present at the meeting.
There will be an orientation meeting for new members on March 23 at the home of Mary Bowersock at 5:00.
 Bill  Bach asked if we should have a membership drive once a year.  We should discuss this with Pete.
Holly asked if we should combine membership drive with golf tournament.    Maybe we just include new membership.  Discuss with Pete.
Mary reported that we are interested in a director who is a numbers guy.  Dave Sobiccki's name was mentioned. Mary also said that we need one more director.  Nick Cipolla's name was mentioned.  We will get his bio.
2022 Golf Tournament will take place on Oct. 21, 2022.  Bill Bach and Roy Munnelly will chair this event.  Holly asked that she receive a timeline leading up to the golf tournament.  She also mentioned that a brochure might be created that would be helpful to advertise and promote the tournament.
The Holiday Home Tour will continue next year with a minimal charge such as $5.00.
An Arts and Crafts Fair miight be possible in 2023.
Holly asked if we wanted to open the door to another organization at this time for funding.  Bill Bay reported on another organization, The North Port Senior Center.
Bill was positive about their request.  1200 people attend each week. He will let them know that his visit was positive and they will be considered in the next grant cycle that takes place in August.  
 Next years grants requests will be open invitation and this was passed by a unanimous vote.  We also will have only one grant cycle.
Holly asked do we need to update our grant application?  Art Dolban's wife writes grants.  We will ask her to look at our application.
Holly will ask First TEE to report on their organization at the next meeting, March 16.
Mary and Maria will visit Child Protection Servicies.
Roy and Bill will visit Meals on Wheels
Holly will visit SPRCC.
Mary asks how do we donate to the foundation for a loss?
Roy would like meetings to be on Wednesday.  We will change next meeting to Wed.,March 16. We will let everyone know.
Mary moved to adjourn meeting and Roy seconded it.  Meeting adjourned at 11:07.