Meeting Minutes & Agendas


Heron Creek Community Foundation

Board Meeting May 18,2022

The meeting was called to order by Holly at 10:00 a.m. and a quorum was declared.

PRESENT:  Holly Loos, Pete Cunningham, Nick Cippola, Bill Bach, Maria Rinaldo, Roy Munnelly, Mary Bowersock, Joe O’Connor, Ona Lee Swain, Deanne Siddall

Minutes of the April Meeting were approved with a correction of substituting the name of Bill Bay for Bill Bach.  This substitution has already been made on the website minutes.

FINANCIAL REPORT:  Pete reported the following balances:
Admin and Holding:  $8000 
Gulf Coast Endowment: $506.694 
Pete indicated that the funds took a hit due to the wide fluctuations in the market and are down $14,000 taking in both gains and losses.

Nick Cippola feels our Foundation needs to be prepared to switch to our own 501(c)3. A mention was made that there is too much accounting work from our foundation. (single membership checks)
We should deposit the single checks into the endowment account and then write one check.  There are benefits to having our own 501(c)3.  For example, when we go to our sponsors, it will be easier that we have our own account.  There will be a consultant available (free of charge) to help us make the change. There will be some expenditures.  We will need insurance to protect liability exposure.
Nick Cippola will research the costs, application to IRS, etc. and report on this at our next meeting.  Holly added that we would do an outside audit every two years.

Joe O’Connor mentioned that he continues to send out e-mails and follows up with new residents about joining the Foundation. There are ten more new members and nine people have not renewed their membership.  Five people did not give a reason for not renewing their membership and four people mentioned the grant to First Tee.
Joe believes that it might be a good idea to write about new members to the Foundation in the Heron Creek Newsletter.  We could also put some  brochures describing First Tee in the pro shop and in the lobby.  We might also try and find someone who has participated in First Tee and ask them to come and speak about it.

Good Samaritan-Nick and Bill Bach will check with Good Samaritan.

All Faith’s Food Bank-Joe O’Connor reported that this is a first rate operation.  They have top notch equipment.  They have a dry goods area as well as a cooler and freezer.  They are also expanding and have purchased a nearby building.  In the summer they provide a backpack to students that receive a free lunch during the school year.  Some food goes to the Salvation Army pantry.

Loveland-This is on Pan American in North Port.  They provide for 30 North Port residents in a space of 2700 sq. ft.  Space is divided into stations which involve teaching life skills such as socialization, doing laundry, participation in arts and crafts.  They take in special needs students.  The application process is very difficult.

GRANT APPLICATION-Kristen Munnelly, Roy’s daughter, looked over our current application that we provide to the recipients of our grants. Changes were added in the form of additional questions that could be easily answered and would provide more information about the requesting organization.  It was stressed that it is important to know how much on the dollar gets used appropriately.

GOLF TOURNAMENT-Roy and Bill Bach have been trying to work with Bart but so far they have not met.  It might be useful to copy Sara on e-mails sent to Bart.  Roy and Bill have plans to contact our donors.  They feel the SWAG BAG is very important to funding.  People like to get useful items. There will be in course games such as a putting contest and closest to the pin.
The golf tournament will be held on October 21,2022.

HOLIDAY HOME TOUR-This is scheduled for December 4th, 2022.  Holly and Deanne will be on the home tour committee.  Nick Cippola and Joe O’Connor have volunteered their homes for the tour. 

The Foundation grant committee will be working on grants during the month of August.  The Foundation will suspend meeting during the months of July and August but will add a meeting if it becomes necessary.

Our next meeting is June 15th at 10:00 at the Courtside Cafe.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:17.