Meeting Minutes & Agendas

Board Meeting September 21, 2022

The meeting was called to order by Holly at 10:00 a.m. and a quorum was declared.

PRESENT:  Holly Loos, Pete Cunningham, Nick Cippola, Bill Bach, Dave Sobecki, Maria Rinaldo, Roy Munnelly, Mary
Bowersock, Joe O’Connor, Ona Lee Swain, and Deanne Siddall.

Minutes of the June Meeting were approved with a correction of listing 5 nominees for replacement on the board instead of

FINANCIAL REPORT: Pete reported that the Gulf Coast Endowment Fund is now about $471,000 down $49,000.  This was not
considered a surprise with the current market. fluctuations.Discussion on 501c3:  Nick reported that there will be no financial
outlay for now.  He will check on the status of our application in early October.  A form 990 will need to be filled out before
January 1, 2023.  Nick cautioned that communication around our new 501c3 status needs to be clear.  There will be more
opportunity for other monetary donations that may cause people to question whether there is a need to continue with club
members’ donations. We need to create important talking points before we discuss the 501c3 at our annual meeting in January.
Nick will set up a meeting with Gulf Coast to clarify talking points.
MEMBERSHIP REPORT:  Joe reported that membership is still negative.  Membership is down 39% with 120 people not
renewing their membership because of the grant given to First Tee. Joe wants an update on First Tee.

GRANTS:  The grant committee will meet on October 3 to talk about the grants.  There are 14 grant applications with
several asking for at least double the money they have asked for in prior years.  The committee will decide which
organizations they will go see.  Art Dolben will create a new mailbox for all communications.

GOLF TOURNAMENT:  Bill Bach reported that they are off and running.  The slogan of the day is that the committee is
putting the FUN in fundraising.  Bill states that sponsors are needed but the committee is not concerned a month in
advance.  He asks that we get the message out to everyone that the golf tournament will be a great event and something for
everyone even though not everyone plays golf.  There will be an extraordinary silent auction, raffle tickets, and a 50/50
drawing. There will also be a pool party with hors d’oeuvres and a cash bar. A mailer will be sent to all platinum members
this week inviting them to play.  Bobcat people and others will be contacted through Next Door and Facebook.  Roy added
that the photographer, Joe Black, will be taking pictures of the event.

HOLIDAY HOME TOUR:  Holly reported that one of the homes that signed up for the tour had to cancel. There are only 5
homes now and she is looking for one more home as we had 6 last year and it worked well.

COOKBOOK:  Deanne reported that she is excited about revising the Heron Creek Cookbook that was published in 2013.
She would like to add new recipes from old and new members of the club and have the cookbooks ready for purchase in
2023 during the cookbook’s 10th anniversary.  More information will be coming about this event.

NORTH PORT CHAMBER (update):  Dave Sobecki showed us the plaque celebrating the  Foundation’s new Chamber
membership.  After the golf tournament, there may be the opportunity for a ribbon cutting ceremony involving other members
of the Chamber that could lead to future sponsors. 

NOMINATING COMMITTEE: Mary mentioned that she has some candidates for future directors and is looking at resumes.
She is open to receiving additional suggestions as soon as possible.

MISC UPDATES:  Joe reported that the Legacy Trail is now connected to North Port. It is a pleasant 5 mile ride from the
Preserve to Price gate.

Holly reported that some by-laws will need future changes.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:40.  The next meeting will be October 19, 2022.