Meeting Minutes & Agenda


Heron Creek community Foundation

Board Meeting Oct. 26,2022

The meeting was called to order at 4:00pm and a quorum was declared.

Present: Holly Loos, Joe O’Conner, Nick Cippola, Mary Bowersock, Dave Sobecki, Bill Bay, Pete Cunningham, Bill  Bach, Ona Lee Swain, Maria Rinaldo, Roy Munnelly, Deanne Siddall

Minutes of the Oct. 7, 2022 meeting were approved.

FINANCIAL REPORT  Pete reported the following balances:
            Admin and Holding:  $16,520
            Gulf Coast Endowment:  $ 470,947

GRANT COMMITTEE REPORT:  Bill Bay reported that the committee has reviewed the grant applications in light of the cancelled golf tournament.  The following organizations were funded:
      Take Stock in Children  $5,000
      Senior Center  $5,050
Meals on Wheels  $10,000
Good Samaratin  $2,450
Salvation Army  $2,500

First Tee did not submit an application.  Holly commented that First Tee would need considerable time to build their program in North Port and perhaps are using their acquired funds in the building process.  It is necessary though, to get an accounting as people will want to know First Tee’s progress.  It was suggested that, perhaps, Brandon, with approval from First Tee, could report on their progress.  A vote was taken to approve the grant amounts and it passed unanimously.

The grant recipients will be notified their amounts by email followed by a presentation event.  Dave Sobecki who is communicating with the North Port Chamber suggested that our grant event could be rolled into the Chamber Blue Ribbon ceremony.   He will look into this.

Holly asked how we could better prepare for future catastrophes. Pete mentioned a reserve account or we could leave more in the Ad account.  We could instead build a slush fund slowly over time.  This is food for thought.  What does the Charter allow?

SILENT AUCTION:  The anonymous donor deemed it necessary to sell the big ticket items in order to receive the funds when they are most needed.  Residents of Heron Creek have also donated many supplies.  All this came to a total amount of about $14,000.

NEW DIRECTORS:  Mary reported that she had the name of a possible new director named Mike Berhart.  Nick said he knew him and would find out if he was interested.  Mike does not live in Heron Creek but he is well connected in North Port.

MISC: We will move forward with our holiday Christmas Walk on Dec. 4,2022.  The hours are from 4 to 7.  There is no fee but there will be a collection box at each home for donations for our Holiday Giving Tree.

Holly asked that for future discussion could we think about what we could have done better during the hurricane destruction.  Could we build a better process?

Meeting was adjourned at 4:50pm.

Next meeting is Nov. 16 at 10:00am.