Heron Creek Community Foundation
Meeting Minutes, January 20, 2023

Meeting called to order at 11:15 AM

Present:  Roy Munnelly, Dave Sobecki, Deanne Siddall, Sharon Matthews, Kevin Smith, Ron Rardin, Nick Cipolla, Bill Bay, Maria Rinaldo, Ona Lee Swain, Patty Wegener

•  Officers for 2023 were nominated and elected unanimously as follows:

President:  Roy Munnelly
Vice President:  Deanne Siddall
Treasurer:  Nick Cipolla
Secretary:  Dave Sobecki

•  Financial report:  As of 11/30/22, $16,034.75 in holding account, $479,989.19 in endowment for a total of $496,023.44.  Balance at beginning of the year was $517,449.53.

•  Board members who have a hard copy of the director’s handbook are asked to share with incoming members.

•  Roy briefly went over priorities for the upcoming year as outlined in the presentation slides from the annual meeting.

•  Outreach for current, past, and prospective members was discussed at length.  We will continue our efforts to compile an email list of all HCGCC members, including those who live outside the gates.  Dave will look into producing a newsletter that can be printed and sent electronically to keep folks apprised of our recent accomplishments and plans moving forward.  Paper versions can be left at the chamber and perhaps other distribution points.

•  Meeting adjourned at 11:50 AM.  Next meeting scheduled for Wednesday, February 15 at 10 AM in the grill room.