Heron Creek Community Foundation
Meeting Minutes, January 20, 2023

Meeting called to order at 10:03 AM

Present:  Roy Munnelly, Dave Sobecki, Sharon Matthews, Deanne Siddall, Kevin Smith, Nick Cipolla, Bill Bay, Patty Wegener

•  Roy announced that the foundation has liability insurance for foundation and directors.  Bill informed that the club’s insurance covers the foundation.

•  Reminder that all directors must complete confidentiality paperwork each year, on the foundation website.  Directors are also asked to make sure their biography is correct on the site.

•  Treasurer’s report:  waiting on IRS approval for 501 c3, expected end of February.  End of December balance from Gulf Coast Foundation is $450,747.58, down 29k for the month.  Cash flow was positive $3,174.05 for the month, largely on membership renewals; $600 from new members.  We should consider how much money we want to leave in the admin account, and what we might be able to do with the rest to make some money off of it.

•  Kevin:  in order to do some of the things we want to, we need to improve the website.  It’s outdated and revamping it will allow us to rebrand the new group.  Kevin will head an ad hoc committee to look into website design options.

•  Name tags for new directors:  Roy will check with Holly on where they came from.

•  Roy wants to look into exactly what all the committees do, and if they are all needed.  Kevin will head Resource and Development, Dave will head Publicity.

•  Dave will be working on a spring newsletter to highlight the new direction for the board, to include a modified version of Kevin’s letter to lapsed members.

•  Kevin presented a number of fundraising ideas:  1)  Take over the printed directory as both a service and a potential fundraiser with sponsorships.  Price of printing could be an issue.  Hard copy will be an incentive:  foundation members get one free, others would have to pay.  Q:  Do we need permission to include people’s information?  2)  Make the website have a login for members of the foundation, to include an interactive database of all residents, available only to members of the foundation.  3)  Entertainment card fundraiser sponsored by foundation. All foundation members get a card at a cost of $10 per member.  Additional cards can be sold at $25 per, but only active members can buy the card.  4)  Foundation could take over trivia night and build it back to where it was.  We can use it as a marketing opportunity, and it would enhance our relationship with the club.

•  Golf tournament:  Scheduled for October 20, 2023.  

•  Cookbook:  March 1 deadline.  Need more recipes, and favorite local restaurant and why you like it.  Books will go on sale at the golf tournament.

•  Additional topics

•  Nick:  Potential entertainment options sponsored by foundation, like Eagle tribute band for example.  North Port Performing Arts center.  Break even is roughly 250 tix, depending on the cost of the band.

•  Discussion of Kevin’s draft letter to folks that quit the foundation. How do we allow members to be involved in the grant process?  

Meeting was adjourned at 11:28 AM.  Next meeting is scheduled for March 15 at 10 AM in the dining room.