Call to Order occurred at 9:00 on 15-March-2023.

Board members in attendance

Board members absent

Roy Munnelly

Nick Cipolla

Deanne Siddall

Bill Bay

Maria Rinaldo

Ona Lee Swain

Kevin Smith

Ron Rardin

Patty Wegener

Dave Sobecki

Sharon Matthews

Tom Coyne

Motion to approve minutes from February meeting tabled until April Meeting

Nick presented the Treasurer’s report

Gulf Coast Balance as of 28-Feb-23 is $484,864.

IRS has informally acknowledged our application for 501(3)(c) has been approved. It should be official by 15-April-2023.

Roy spoke to Tom Coyne and it was agreed that Tom will resign from the Board. The Board will look for his replacement. Mary Bowersock may have the name of other candidates.

Kevin, Dave, and Nick met with Ron B and Art D to discuss website functionality. Ron said the current website offers all of the functionality we need. Dave and Kevin will assess this functionality.

Newsletter - A draft hard copy was reviewed by the Board members. The Board agreed to publish and distribute the newsletter to the entire HC Community via email. 

Kevin provided specifics on the Vogues concert. The Board agreed to move forward with this fundraiser.

Ona Lee will contact First Tee to request details on how the grant was used by First Tee.

Kevin presented a letter describing the plans for the Foundation. The Board agreed that this letter should be distributed to the HC Community via email. 

Committee Chair assignments were completed 


2023 Chair

2022 Chair



Holly Loos

Resource and Development


Bill Bach



None identified



Bill Bay



Pete Cunnigham



Mary Bowersock

Community Services

Patty & Ona Lee

None identified

By Laws


Deanne Siddall


Joe O'Connor

Joe O'Connor

Roy will distribute the Confidentiality and Security Agreement to each Board Member so they can complete this document.

Roy will contact Nikki McGowan to discuss the All Faiths Fund Drive. All such events should be coordinated with the Board.

Meeting was adjourned at 10:10.