Heron Creek Community Foundation
Meeting Minutes
May 17, 2023 10 AM

Present:  Dave, Roy, Kevin, Ona Lee, Deanne, Bill, Maria, Sharon, Ron

•  Discussion of HCCF recipe book.  Plan is to order 200 books at $6.35 per book and sell them at $20 in time for golf tournament, and potentially have an e-version if people prefer that.  An idea to consider:  provide free for all members and sell to non-members.

•  Treasurer’s report:  Nick not present.  Report delayed until next meeting.

• R&D committee:  

            •  GoDaddy update – they were unable to meet our needs and our agreement was terminated and our money was refunded.  An RFP was sent out to three small local web developers.  One declined, one has not yet responded, and we’ve been in touch with the third.  Initial cost is $6,500.  We have a zoom meeting scheduled for May 24.

            •  Email was sent out yesterday by HOA head to all neighborhood chairs announcing the Vogues concert.  Ticket sales are currently at 50.  Break-even is 330.  Sharon will check on getting a free ad in North Port paper under community events.  We have large posters, small flyers.  Several of us will be attending the next chamber of commerce business after hours to raffle off two tickets donated by the Sobeckis and publicize the concert (June 13 at United Way of Venice at 5:30.)

•  Publicity committee:

            •  Sharon was contacted by Boys and Girls club of NP to see if we’d like to do a tour and learn about their capital campaign.  She will schedule with them.

            •  Dave would like to do site visit at NP senior center to gather info for a Spotlight feature in the summer newsletter.  Deanne would like a feature on the cookbook as well.  Bill will contact them to set something up.

•  Membership committee:

            •  Update on directory subcommittee:  Paul unable to attend today but sent the following email report:  Met with Kevin and reviewed directions and files.  We have a quote from the former printer and they requested we contact all advertisers.  Pricing based on previous printing around $5K and 6 week lead time.  Planning to get a second quote from another local printer next week.  Already have requests from 2 realtors to advertise.  Discussed the number of advertisers with Kevin and Roy and we feel that we can increase the number of advertisers and the cost to advertise.  Discussed revising the format to add emails to the address and phone section...will review with printer.  Goal is to have this project wrapped up by end of July.

            •  Dave to a printed directory in the mail on Monday, but it turns out it’s mostly ads and is not affiliated with Heron Creek.  Whew!

•  Bylaws committee:

            •  Bylaw change suggested by former board member Bob Burkart:  Set a cap on the amount allotted to a first-time grant recipient so that we can see that our money is used wisely before committing too much money.  Discussion followed.  All appear to be in favor.  Change will need to be made to bylaws in January, but grants committee can impose this rule for this year.  Next month we can put forth a formal motion.  Suggested value for cap is $5,000.

•  Grants committee:

            •  We need to be more proactive about getting appropriate documentation to follow up on how money was used.  We’ve done site visits but have lagged in terms of proper documentation, which may be more important as a 501(c)(3).

            •  Dave had an idea about making the grant applications available to all members via website for feedback before the committee makes decisions.

            •  Discussion of strategy on how to get more grant applications.  Should we do that, or grant more money to fewer orgs?  Further discussion is needed.  Maybe moving forward we can seek smaller orgs that our money will make a huge difference to.

Next meeting scheduled for June 21 10 AM.

Adjourn at 11:18 AM